5 Of My BIGGEST Design Inspirations! 🖖

I think knowing what inspires people is a great insight into the mind of a designer. In this video I tell you all about the people who inspire me!

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Ian Barnard:

Stefan Kunz:

Ryan Hamrick :

Noel Shiveley:

Great Graphic Design Resources!

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18 responses to “5 Of My BIGGEST Design Inspirations! 🖖”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy the video!

  2. This Design Life Avatar

    Thanks for these Will. I especially like Stefan Kunz.

  3. Ralph Kadar Avatar

    Can't wait for the logo inspiration video !

  4. Andre Mkm Avatar

    what would be a great typography book for logo designers?

  5. LilSpud Avatar

    If you haven't already, Check out Gemma O'Brien, Mrseaves101 on Insta. She has some really cool lettering designs 🙂

  6. Golden Owl Avatar

    I love Seb Lester! Noel is pretty great too.

  7. vyko Avatar

    Is going for a job in this branche still worth it? Many people are participating in this branche. Do you still have good chances of getting valuable job?

  8. PB&Jrunr Avatar

    Best book(s) on lettering? I have plenty of books on typography, but I mean the creation of letters – if that makes sense.

  9. Made by Mighty Avatar

    Great video, these are all awesome designers! Cheers 🙂

  10. David Vernier Avatar

    What is the instrumental at the end?

  11. SnowballSync Avatar

    5 of your biggest. That means there are more of them. And that means some of them are better then others cuz u picked 5 of them. That means that some of those 5 are better then others.

    Just something that bothers me.
    Love your work, you are my inspiration.

  12. Sakib Rahman Avatar

    make some logo on making Minimal logos

  13. Ankit Kumar Avatar

    Do I need to have a website or portfolio in the beginning??

  14. PAdenmark Avatar

    One of my biggest Design Inspirations is Will Paterson 😉

  15. Micah Hansen Avatar

    Thanks for sharing Will. I'm going to have to follow those dudes too.

  16. Huong Bui Avatar

    cool! thanks for these inspirations, definitely going to check them out

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