6.2: Two Loops / Grid Exercise – Processing Tutorial

This video shows how to create a grid pattern on screen using two loops, one for horizontal, one for vertical.

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5 responses to “6.2: Two Loops / Grid Exercise – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Crass Flam Avatar

    This video (and a few others before it) end very abruptly. Is that how they're edited or does me watching on 3x speed somehow screw up the you-tube time bar??

  2. James Filosa Avatar

    At 2:32 … Shouldn't the spacing always be between 48 and 52? The spacing seems to vary too much.. how come?

  3. Anirudh Ahuja Avatar

    I love you and everything you do

  4. The Scripter Avatar

    Hey i have a general question.
    is it possible to print something in the console with color

  5. Revrot Avatar

    Haha, this one made me laugh. Great tutorials.

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