6 Visual Studio Tips to Increase Your Productivity

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32 responses to “6 Visual Studio Tips to Increase Your Productivity”

  1. Niranjan Kathroji Avatar

    Nice Video Thank you.

  2. Michael Henderson Avatar

    How do I get the stack overflow search bar in visual studio just like the one you have ?

  3. Nilesh Patil Avatar

    Great Video Thank you.

  4. Jasper Diongco Avatar

    Great video! You saved my life, thank you!!!

  5. rashaunny Avatar

    Press tab TWICE, NOT once. Took me another 5 min googling to find this out. Did it change in 2015? I'm using 2012.

  6. Rabi Moshe Hizskia Avner goldenberg Shekelstein Avatar

    You can just use ctrl + k + d to format stuff easily without extensions

  7. Null Avatar

    Oh my Mosh!!! Snippets… Now I use them every time.

  8. Chandraprakash G Avatar

    Good video.
    But one joke is, using visual studio on MAC 😐

  9. Birds World 2016 Avatar

    It's really very nice and helpful video…

  10. Mike Boiko Avatar

    Thanks for the tips, those were great! Just a suggestion for all, get the VsVim plugin and learn to navigate using vim keyboard shortcuts, it greatly increased my productivity!

  11. Scott Avatar

    I watched this video at x2 speed… so I figure im at x4 coding speed now…

  12. Haron Hajem Avatar

    Jump from one bookmark to next ctrl-k-n and back ctrl-k-p. use this everyday

  13. rodobodolfo Avatar

    ahh ctrl comma shortcut is awesome!! Thanks!!

  14. Holtz Ilya Avatar

    Awesome!! Thnaks!

  15. Alok Kumar Avatar

    Hey how are you using visual studio in Mac

  16. Nguyen Ngoc Kien Avatar

    1 Book mark is interesting, I will try to keep that.
    2 Snippet you can find some snippet free eidtor and add some more snippet or change the exist snippet to your coding style.
    I also hope that Mic change the comment to toggle instead of insert and remove separately.

  17. praveen kandari Avatar

    we can format document with ctrl k + d

  18. TheSlimshader Avatar

    Hey, great tips! Will there be an update for VS 2017? For example Navigate To dialog has been replaced with Go To

  19. joshua holland Avatar

    tip 1) use vim
    tip 2) refer to 1
    tip 3) refer to 1
    tip 4) refer to 1
    tip 5) refer to 1
    tip 6) refer to 1

  20. Shahin Ansari Avatar

    Thank you so much; very informative.

  21. Maher kheder Avatar

    I know all what you said, but thank you very much, this is very important.
    I learned a lot of from your videos ,
    really thank you 🙂

  22. Phill1476 Avatar

    Amazing Tips, going to help a great deal both (just wish I had found this a day ago, before I handed in first assignment)

  23. Starogre Avatar

    thanks, i have a question for XAML if you know. when i type Height="0", the second " gets autocompleted while the caret is still between 0 and " like so ="0|" but then how do i escape the quotes to keep typing besides Right Arrow Key? tab etc. doesn't work! and the annoying thing is if i type " again, things like sublime text will overwrite and move on, but xaml adds another " and becomes "0"" 🙁

  24. ArmSoft Avatar

    Use F2 to rename something including bookmarks.

  25. дмитрий рог Avatar

    I also use many of this methods. Video is sooooo slow…

  26. Joona Mikkonen Avatar

    Ooooooh this video is golden! Thank you for the tips! I had no idea these exist.

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