6 Ways To Design THE BEST Logo

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23 responses to “6 Ways To Design THE BEST Logo”

  1. Just1n2802 Avatar

    You kinda look like Justin Roiland

  2. Sam Clay Avatar

    This video helped me a lot. Thx for the help

  3. Adam McBride Avatar

    I want to have a logo made but I don't know where to start as far as company to go with i have an idea

  4. Rokibuz Jahan Avatar

    Very beautiful logo design


    i think you should write the information you are mentioning in the video in the description in brief,
    it would be more helpful .
    btw, love your videos they are informative .

  6. Lieselot H. Avatar


  7. Frevell Avatar

    wait so when i send it to the client i send the illustrator file so he will have vector format? of there is a special kind of file??

  8. Qwakky me Avatar

    hey… can you draw one dor my consulting firm. its name is INZPIRON

  9. Rega Avatar

    for a new spice company logo what suggestion will you giv …plz reply .,…the name starts with H

  10. B T Avatar

    basicly, You should try 2 be more visible and more recognizable than Apple, for every Logo u create:D:P Simple..:D

  11. Meshack Okeyo Avatar

    This is really helpful

  12. Alan Scouser Avatar

    I am on Canva, but the problem is choosing a suitable layout and design for my writing business.

  13. Alan Scouser Avatar

    Any good suggestions for author logos? I am a parnormal and horror writer forever agonising on how to create a logo that brands my business. http://www.alantoner.com

  14. skwal950 Avatar

    "Working for client's clients" Very good! Very true!
    How do you explain a customer that his idea is cheap/inappropriate?

  15. Robinsonsdr1 Avatar

    So a lot of people are asking what the book is you flip through and I am wondering the same thing. Can you please let us know. Thanks

  16. Cool Korea Avatar

    I really enjoyed your video mate 🙂 great one, I will def look at the others now

  17. Kujtim Fetahu Avatar

    is Illustrator CS6 same as Illustrator CC?

  18. lynnepearce Avatar

    Good info. Like this Guy. Music horrid and ruins the experience.

  19. Pamella Mitchell Avatar

    Best explanation with the most information packed advice ever for logo novices. Love it.

  20. Joseph Krause Avatar

    hey, is your instagram name willpat?

  21. Maarten Slebos Avatar

    Looking for a logo but don't have the time to start teaching yourself?
    I'll help you out 🙂 http://www.konker.io/services/13485?affid=2fac1f

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