7.1: Cellular Automata – The Nature of Code

This video introduces the concepts and algorithms behind Cellular Automata.

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13 responses to “7.1: Cellular Automata – The Nature of Code”

  1. smallbluemachine Avatar

    Hello automata, hello fada.. here I am, at Camp Automata..

  2. Silly Bugger Avatar

    its got beauty glitches.

  3. Valen Avatar

    I'll try to program one of Turing's theoretical machines

  4. Bartek Owsiany Avatar

    Dopplereffekt brought me here.

  5. CMZ neu Avatar

    stop saying it like that!!! god just say it like automaton removing the "on" and add an "a".
    I'm not even sure if my way is right but you sound like you are trying to pronounce a word from another language, like spanish or something which wouldn't even sound like that lol, nice video btw keep it up!

  6. Thue Morse Avatar

    Let's convert my MacBook into rule 30

  7. Ch3ke Avatar

    What language and ide are you using to program? Javascript? Nice videos!!

  8. Vikhyat Chauhan Avatar

    Appreciate the amazing knowledge you are sharing buddy. Thank you 🙂

  9. Alonso Sandoval Gomez Avatar

    Thanks for everything man you're such an inspiration

  10. Baburao Avatar

    Dude you are awesome! Really well explained vids!

  11. Fabrixe Kanart Avatar

    Rule 30 is really amazing

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