7.10: TensorFlow.js Color Classifier: Training the Model

In this video, I train the color classifier using model.fit().

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11 responses to “7.10: TensorFlow.js Color Classifier: Training the Model”

  1. BananaVetlix Banana? Avatar

    Could you remake 2048

  2. ZecosMAX Avatar

    I II
    I| I_

    Sorry i just had to

  3. RorroArtGamer Avatar

    Chainge sigmoid for relu

  4. Jamil Amini Avatar

    going to watch your all videos from the very first one you uploaded wish me good luck guys

  5. OrangeC7 Avatar

    "I didn't see an error…"
    That feeling when you get temporary amnesia on stream

  6. Robin Karlsson Avatar

    You are just amazing. Sometimes i watch your stuff just for the "feel good vibes" you bring.

  7. FunnyArcade Games Avatar

    Pls learn me programming if u know python…

  8. BăluțoiuC Avatar

    love your videos man, keep it up 🙂

  9. Honzasko Avatar

    Please learn Python.Python is easy to learn is for data, server, network

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