7.14: parent() and child() again with Variables – p5.js Tutorial

This video looks at how you can nest DOM elements generated in JavaScript using parent() and child().

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9 responses to “7.14: parent() and child() again with Variables – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. Никита Богданов Avatar

    I have a question if i made my own constructor and i want to add child to it , or find a parent how could i make that functionality ? I mean p5.js Constructor.prototype.child= function(childOfConstructor){//What code should I put here ?} And of course I wish that child be an Object , so as i know i cant push objects to an object . Maybe i am too tired today that because i have this.stupid(question);

  2. Caleb Sadler Avatar

    Can I add an image in javascript or html and move it when the mouse is pressed. I know how to use mouse pressed but not on images. Could you help me?

  3. Pangkoje Mandal Avatar

    i have seen in your video you are talking about computer science.but i'm not a computer student.i've completed post graduation in accounting .
    i did not get any job yet.so i chose to be web developer for earning live
    but i like this very much.
    if you think it not possible for me to be then show me a way how i can be a web designer ..

    yours brother
    from bangladesh

  4. Robin gautam Avatar

    sir,image is not showing on my page plz tell me what should i do

  5. Leonid Levin Avatar

    green hair is hilarious!

  6. Verto Letnaya Avatar

    Hey Daniel. I was wondering, why do the images get removed from the page when we clear the array. Because it's not as if we are using the array of images to load on stuff to the page… so why should the action of clearing the array ever affect the page content.?
    Thank you for another great tutorial. You're the the awesome-est! 🙂

  7. latostadorano Avatar

    I have a question about parenting.. I'm trying to attach a canvas to a responsive image, kind of an interactive footer (of the image, attached to it in the bottom).. and i can't figure out how can i get the width of that responsive parent so my "footer" is always the same width size.. #help

  8. Shady Avatar

    I was wondering, if we can just add a link and image in the paragraph directly using javascript (since u can just add a <a></a> in paragraph in html) without using the parent(); ? do we have to use parent(); to put image/link in paragraph created by javascript ? and what about making one word bold in javascript ( <strong></strong>) ?

  9. Austin Babineau Avatar

    this is a bit off topic, but could you perhaps do a video on rotating shapes? I've done some research and the way p5.js handles it is blowing my mind. Rather than rotating a shape the rotate function rotates the xy coordinate grid. thanks for making this series by the way!

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