7.16: The Slider Dance – p5.js Tutorial

This video looks at how you can control DOM elements (like a slider) from your code, overriding user interaction.

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24 responses to “7.16: The Slider Dance – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. nexusbug Avatar

    Love you Dan, you are amazing

  2. istván fodor Avatar

    great video. thank you! 😀

  3. Tushar Sadhwani Avatar

    at 10:00 see any single slider head go up… and everything stops into place.

  4. CherPsKy Avatar

    No dislikes, you're the man.

  5. Bradley Stone Avatar

    Can I program the slider to make me a sandwich?

  6. TheBlackLion42 Avatar

    Hi I'm trying to change the min and max parameters of a slider during the script but it crashes… (I use slider.min()) is it possible to do that?

  7. Erik Lewis Avatar

    Moral? Maths R Kool!

  8. KD Chen Avatar

    This is by far the weirdest way to abuse a UI component I have ever seen in my coding career.

  9. John J1101 Avatar

    Not many likes on this vid

  10. mx 0c Avatar

    Hey, could you do something related to the Complex Number?

  11. Csillag Alex Avatar

    I can create the slider and I can set it to a stuff but I cant slide it. why?

  12. Laurent De La House Avatar

    Hi Daniel, I know the video is old (almost a year) but I think the function "createSlider" doesn't exist anymore on the P5.js library. Do you have an alternative to that, maybe an easy way to create a slider in javascript ? Thank you, have a nice day !

  13. M B Avatar

    That's like sinus visualizer

  14. Dickhead Records Avatar

    this is a really good channel

  15. Julian Puppo Avatar

    This is like. Woo… awsome. So creative.

  16. akuaku77 Avatar

    In Soviet Russia, the slider he moves you.

  17. Ryan Scharfer Avatar

    You need to link to your video where you talk about sine waves… ; )

  18. San Coca Avatar

    Omg this helped me animate something really nice

  19. Fabrixe Kanart Avatar

    Maybe a digital screen with 2500 checkbox buttons could work…

  20. Hayzon Avatar

    I learned a lot watching your 7.xx videos. You are so damn productive that I hardly can keep up watching the stuff. Thank you very much! – Are you with Fattr or some other service to send you some appreciation? 🙂

  21. outlinegorilla design Avatar

    hello. how can assign a slider for example to change the value of a variable?
    so that the user can change for example the direction or speed of an ellipse?
    thank you

  22. _____lo_ol_____ Avatar

    kubrusly.com/fundom – a silly one. To be improved.

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