7.2: Functions Basics – Processing Tutorial

This video covers the basics of defining and calling functions in Processing (Java).

It accompanies Chapter 7 of Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction


Example code:

(Note this video was shot in Fall 2012)

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10 responses to “7.2: Functions Basics – Processing Tutorial”

  1. White boy On edge Avatar

    God!!! I love the way you teach…
    way better than my high school faculty

  2. Boshek Lirten Avatar

    You're absolutely fantastic, I can't thank you enough. With your help, in one night I was able to learn what 10 weeks of lectures couldn't teach me and I'm feeling good about my upcoming final exam after an entire semester of confusion and disappointment with this processing related unit.

    Your ability to simply explain complicated concepts is truly a blessing and I hope you get the exposure you deserve in the future.
    +1 subscriber from me.

  3. Elly O Avatar

    how do you put a function in with another loop. I have been trying so far all night and it keeps telling me that the "void" node is duplicated……

  4. Nikko Lacia Damiao Avatar

    When I saw your coding challenge video. I think it was the snake game. i didnt hesitate to subscribe. I think im gonna learn everything I need to learn here in your page.

  5. newmagicfilms Avatar

    Daniel i have two questions that i wanted to ask you since i start to see these Processing Tutorials. My questions are :
    If Processing use Java language , why i don't need to write:
    public static void main (String [] args) to run the app ?

    Why i say just println("Hello World");
    instead of System.out.println("Hello World");

  6. karpopper Avatar

    did you ever do the video on return types? because I cant find one.

  7. UCDProject Avatar

    Daniel you're the best teacher I've ever seen on youtube, I'm now learning Processing from a scratch but I've a little practical knowledge about Javascript, but your flow of thoughts is tailored for the people who are learning how to code. It's incredible cause you're a hardcore programmer and these kind of people are usually operating on different level and simply can't explain how things work for people who are just starting coding. I've also your book "The Nature of Code" and "Learning Processing" and they're great!

  8. JasonJason210 Avatar

    Very clear – thank you.

  9. Surabhi Swaminath Avatar

    I like the way you explain things, makes learning processing easier.

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