7.3: Modularity with Functions – Processing Tutorial

(Note this video was shot in Fall 2012)
Book: Learning Processing A Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

Chapter: 7

Official book website:

This video shows how to divide a program into modular pieces with functions.

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6 responses to “7.3: Modularity with Functions – Processing Tutorial”

  1. PLAY ON Avatar

    where is your processing tutorial could you give a link I need to learn the basics of all the inbuilt functions how to give colours etc…..

  2. CORROMPIDO Avatar

    can you make a function that calls other functions?

  3. Pip W Avatar

    If anyone need the original bouncing ball tutorial, it's here http://bit.ly/2gVANmJ

  4. d3c0y r3m1x Avatar

    hey Daniel i made a cool little program using the tutorials iv seen of yours its a little animation that i just wanted to share

  5. Helen Cheung Avatar

    Hello Daniel,
    I am using p5.js to do this example you taught. I want to add a block at the bottom, once the ball hits the block, it will bounce back. The block can be be moved by mouseX, if the block miss hitting the ball, the ball falls off the bottom, so it is like a game. And I also wants to do text "Score: …", once the ball hits the block, it will get 1 mark. I have been struggling for the solution. Can you help me?

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