7.3: The Game of Life – The Nature of Code

This video covers the Game of Life 2D cellular automaton in Processing (Java).

Read along:

Original 1970 Scientific American Article:


Steve Klise’s GOL processing.js implementation:

Exploring Emergence:

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22 responses to “7.3: The Game of Life – The Nature of Code”

  1. Fred Kelder Avatar

    Thank you for all these videos, they are quite amazing and very interesting!!! nice work

  2. Jordan Weir Avatar

    awesome lessons dude keep it up

  3. Ethan Garnier Avatar

    I have been watching your videos since before you established the identity of the coding train and I can easily say you are one of the most well spoken programming teachers on this platform. And this is easily my favorite video by you! Keep it up man.

  4. marc backman Avatar

    how would you generalize the game of life in n dimensional cellular automaton?

  5. Bush Lee Avatar

    I basicly watch your videos at 1.5 or 2.0 speed.Sometimes youtube sets it back to normal and it's sooo wierd.

  6. Brendon Williams Avatar

    Lol at "Biirth". Great video regardless.

  7. Karun HV Avatar

    Thanks for this Intro to The Game of Life!!!

  8. Alejandro Castellanos Avatar

    What language is being used, here?

  9. Lukas Nitsch Avatar

    what you really should do is wrapping the space/board for this on a sphere so there are no limits for the x-axis as well as for the y-axis. that would be great to watch, maybe im processing so that you can turn it as you like

  10. Mr.PlasmaDragon Avatar

    You deserve way more subscribers

  11. Lupus Stiger Avatar

    Thanks for making this video

  12. Tranka Palanka Avatar

    I made an object oriented version in p5.js Cant post link but you can find it in codepen, my username is felipe_mare. Thanks for making this videos man, keep it up.

  13. Utsav Munendra Avatar

    You are definitely one of the best programming teachers out there. This will help me a ton for my school project.

  14. SogMosee Avatar

    When will the day come when we can insert chips into our brains and each chip stores sets of knowledge and I can just install Daniel Shiffman's brain data and finger muscle memory to my own brain?

  15. Danilo Queiroz barbosa Avatar

    you're right. this is fun. I fhinished my game of life in python, whe I search for more cellular automata, I find your vídeos. thankx for sharing, Today I bought you book from Amazon.

  16. CAP31d0 Avatar

    Love your content, really good explained and organized

  17. NABIN KUMAR ROY Avatar

    why only exactly 3 live neignbours to change state from 0 to 1? how did this exactness work

  18. Taraka Pranav Rayudu Avatar

    Heck, who knew that cellular automata is going to be used for terrain generator in some strange game with 3d planes and dogfights. Who knew?

  19. mingchao123 Avatar

    what language did you u ?

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