7.5: TensorFlow.js Color Classifier: Cleaning Data Part 3

In this video, I export the “cleaned” data to a JSON file in anticipation of training the machine learning model.

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13 responses to “7.5: TensorFlow.js Color Classifier: Cleaning Data Part 3”

  1. Cătălin Avatar

    What syntax theme are you using ?please tell me

  2. Daily reminder: Avatar

    It would have been easier to delete all data and have us re-submit the inputs. However, I’m glad you chose to this because we get to learn to clean our data. So than you.

  3. fr3fou Avatar

    what is a higher order function?

  4. אסף אילי Avatar

    guys can some one give me a good playlist and/or course to start learning programming from without any back ground in coding?

  5. Rupin Chheda Avatar

    Is this the shortest video on the Coding Train channel? 🙂

  6. ZecosMAX Avatar

    the more videos you upload in this series, the shorter they become xd

  7. Mathias Avatar

    Can you make a video on rxjs?

  8. AramesK Channel™ Avatar

    Really long preparation, can’t wait to see it finished 😉

  9. Andrei Avatar

    You can actually do an array with the users need to be filtered

  10. ew cringe Avatar

    Second comment 🙂

  11. ColeNOXyd2nd Avatar

    you should do a vid on clean code… and actually start to write clean code 😉

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