8.1: What is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? – Processing Tutorial

This video covers the basic theory behind object-oriented programming in Processing/Java and discusses the difference between a “class” and an “object” instance.

Accompanies Chapter 8 from Learning Processing A Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

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(Note this video was shot in Fall 2012.)

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37 responses to “8.1: What is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Nikhil Chigali Avatar

    Is JS an object oriented programming language??

  2. fardin er Avatar

    how many of you took deep breath?

  3. jaclyn blumenthal Avatar

    Thank you so much this is so helpful and What an amazing teaching style would love to talk more n pick at your brain being a mathematician lol

  4. Allen Zhao Avatar

    im amazed by his energy

  5. Mukesh Aryal Avatar

    Great Presentation…. Really loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sidiiq Avatar

    i cant understand instance.

  7. Good Life Avatar

    This is brilliant. I learnt so much better with your metaphors!! Thank you so much!! subscribed!!

  8. Lori Wolfcat Avatar

    So, why can't the object just be animated?? To me, I still don't get the point of C, C++, C#, and Java. It can do all things that I can just draw and animate.

  9. K Srinivasan Avatar

    u r very better than my teacher

  10. Fetz HD Avatar

    sei una persona bella.


    how do I make: property Color color
    get { return color; }
    set { color = value; }

  12. Haha Aha Avatar

    There's another way to make a human being that's a lot more fun 🙂

  13. Prag Sangha Avatar

    Finally a video on internet for clearly understanding OOP. Nice work mate!

  14. Arron Sealmoy Avatar

    Very funny to watch , and informative thanks !

  15. Muhammad Qaisar Ali Avatar

    i got today the basic concept of oops ..thanks…

  16. João Machado Avatar

    if you speed the video up to 1.25x it looks like his on very high levels of caffeine.
    Loved the class, though…

  17. Stevethesearcher Avatar

    This video helped me understand the concept of "Object Orientated Programming" much better than any other video I have watched on YouTube. I am still a bit vague but I am getting there. You have Data and it's associated functionality which is called a class which is like a template. From that class you then create an object. So an object is an instance of a class.

  18. sam mes Avatar

    Thanks for great videos! I watch them with speed x2 and it makes it even more fun! 😀

  19. Adriel Gómez Avatar

    I just came from 2 years in the future and I have something to ask. Where's your purple hoodie? D;

  20. Mukta Danu Avatar

    thank you dude 🙂 you are amazing !!

  21. John Cupples Avatar

    Niños, pablo volverá

  22. June original Avatar

    Soo helpful 🙂

  23. Rande Dager Avatar

    I began programming iright out of the army n 1971 which was before microcomputers and it was Fortran using card readers, etc. I then transitioned into what is referred to as "spaghetti code". I was hired to teach computer programming when degrees weren't necessary. I left it all years ago and have since heard the term "Object Oriented Programming" and finally decided that Ineed to get into it. I was looking for something generic not applying to any particular language. I stumbled upon your series and I appreciate your entertaining delivery.

  24. Miles Emanuel Paavola Avatar

    Thank you for making this video! 😀

  25. pimped up tricycle Avatar

    sorry bro not my java we cant draw

  26. Suado Ali Avatar

    Dude, I might have a chance to pass my OOP exam now. great videoes!!

  27. Óscar Mario Víquez Murillo Avatar

    So much energ! So much nose scraytching! smh…

  28. Mustafa Gulam Avatar

    So the Template is like an image and the object is when you add all the image's in the template to make a animation.Am i right or not very new to this???

  29. Mureithi Kivuti Avatar

    I love your energy. You're clearly doing what you love

  30. Ismail Alyami Avatar

    what is the compiler you use to run your program?

  31. alex26621 Avatar

    I have data, i have functionality ughh object-oriented prgramming

  32. Sema Ibrahimova Avatar

    Wow enjoyed the video 😀 had no idea what the oop meant now i got it thanks))

  33. soadsam Avatar

    i love your videos so much. such good refreshers and you make them entertaining to watch

  34. Lewby[ENG] Avatar

    I have a general question.
    is processing only for small simultations like your mengerSponge you made, or is it good with making games and very big programs. If it's not, please tell me a good java program for that.

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