8.6: API Front End Client – Programming with Text

In this video, I look at how to talk to your API from a web page by building a simple front end client with HTML and the p5.js library.

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24 responses to “8.6: API Front End Client – Programming with Text”

  1. Akshay Iyer Avatar

    How would you display the word and score on separate lines?

  2. FuTech Audios Avatar

    no word. your awesome

  3. 三神 Samson Avatar

    Is it normal that the node.js server restarts whenever I submit on index.html?

  4. Mono Chrome Avatar

    the function that you use to load the canvas is re-load the JSON content right..?
    can i do that with jquery ..?
    couse for now i use jquery load() function for re-fresh/load the content,

  5. Stefan Lopar Avatar

    You sir have rekindled my joy for programming!

  6. Uzair Muhammad Avatar

    How does one star
    learn code? I know the basics of JS from code academy, where do I go from there? I'm hoping to dev my own game one day and all tips are appreciated

  7. Kid Stagram Avatar

    Can you please tell us more about machine learning ?? And how it works ?? Thank you. Your videos are so amazing. I will support all the way !!!! Great Job ..

  8. CaptainFrasse Avatar

    What macbook do he use?

  9. Niet meer in gebruik Avatar

    Please, make a new challenge: 40×40 pixels (canvas = 400×400) drawing grid with PNG (transparant) background pattern. And an colormixer. Including drawning and clicking.

  10. Islam Negm Avatar

    I love your energetic passion when you talk about programming 😀 If I only have a friend like you, the world will be very beautiful. Thanks for showing programming passion on YouTube, Dan!

  11. Charles Kenney Avatar

    You are such a helpful person. You deserve to be way more successful than most people on this site. Thanks for everything you do

  12. Workflow In Mind Avatar

    Really nice as always, I really love the way you simplify concepts. Great teacher.
    I've added a dashboard for the API using https://datatables.net/, the coding style is really simple and could fit in a lesson I guess.

  13. He Huang Avatar

    Thank you so much, Daniel! Are you still recording the upcoming courses? If no, where can I find the rest? Cannot wait! 😀

  14. Hitler Avatar


  15. XiovV Avatar

    almost at 50k! good job

  16. vzR Tz Avatar

    great uses for node thanks for this

  17. Himanshu Yadav Avatar

    Dude..you are so awesome!! I found your channel today and have been watching ur videos whole day long..gr8 job!!

  18. Erdem Balli Avatar


  19. vincent PHILIPPE Avatar

    OMG you're so speed !! You're so spectacular !! Since how many time did you programing in JS ??

  20. Hans Müller Avatar

    could you bring the bitrate a little higher pls???

  21. Shacrow Avatar

    Keep up the good work

  22. Hitler Avatar

    Dan i tried to download all versions of NET FRAMEWORK and didn't work sooooooooooo i will buy a Macbook

  23. Kaan KÜÇÜK Avatar

    I would like to thank you for providing a simple introduction to the JSON API p5.js express vs.. so that we can talk about it.

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