8.8: Wordnik API and JavaScript – p5.js Tutorial

This video looks at how to to use the Wordnik API which provides metadata about words in the English language — definitions, examples, related words, pronunciation, syllables, and more.

Sign up for the API here:

All examples:


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29 responses to “8.8: Wordnik API and JavaScript – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. Anabel Bugallo Avatar

    Thank you! You have made my life so much easier Lol. Pls. keep doing your videos, you're a great instructor!

  2. Phoenix Thakur Avatar

    Hello, I am watching your videos from some days and I love the way you teach.
    I am very new to p5 community and I want to know that how to create link tags on images like you did with text. thanks

  3. Shashank Madan Avatar

    Can anyone plz give a link!!!

  4. nadia ikon Avatar

    my api key is your api key )) you made me lol..

  5. Thomas Wolter Avatar

    Thanks for the fantastic tutorial. Just one question. If I want to have both examples and also the definition for a word, do I need to use two API urls? One for example and one for the definition?

  6. Hussein Saad Avatar

    Amazing series ! … #seabow hhhhhh

  7. Bradley Stone Avatar

    Is there a video about how to pull data from a website that doesn't have an API? My friend told me I'd probably have to collect this kind of data manually. Inefficient!

  8. C Mos Avatar

    Hi Shiffman
    Do you make your sketches of each video available by any chance? It will be great if you could copy and paste the code as a comment in your video post. Accessing this code for quick reference would be great.
    A technical question. What is the best way to handle misspelled words or, in general for any APIs, how to manage faulty input entries? Based on your experience, are responses for faulty entries commonly described in documentation of each API?
    Great videos!

  9. P-YAN Avatar

    This is so cool!

    However, its strange, sometimes after like 10 or so words it doesn't like line 19 "cannot read property of 'words' undefined"? Maybe some groups of index 1 has more subgroups that causes problems when it chooses them or something?

  10. Alex Alonso Avatar

    Man your videos are great. Currently I'm preparing myself for my first hackathon. Thanks to you I'm getting the hang of APIs

  11. thequeenofspades Avatar

    Your teaching is brilliant. You have done what I thought was impossible by getting me excited about coding. Please please please do a tutorial on the wikipedia API.

  12. Tyrell Ferguson Avatar

    Dan thanks for making all these videos. I'm currently pursuing a degree in software development online. So most of the time i feel like I'm teaching myself with a book. You do a great job of explaining everything. I like that you explain the why and the thinking behind what you do what you do… which is what I miss when I'm reading.

  13. Slobodan Stojanovic Avatar

    your enthusiasm reflects on your viewers. you're doing a great job.

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