9.21: p5-manager – p5.js Tutorial

This video is about a nifty tool for p5.js called “p5-manager”.
The tool was created by Chiun Hau You in node.js and allows you to create a p5.js sketch with simple terminal commands.

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p5-manager on npm:
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My Introduction Video to Node:

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18 responses to “9.21: p5-manager – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. Egi Riandi Avatar

    what is the OS he used?

  2. Kyle Lanmon Avatar

    npm stands for nourishing pear medley

  3. Yalçıncan Ulus Avatar

    This is incredibly convenient!

  4. AramesK Channel™ Avatar

    I usually duplicate a pre existing project that contains libraries, index and sketch, then rename it and delete old code in the new sketches

  5. Den Reynor Avatar

    Hey guys! here is best music for programming https://youtu.be/kHCn5h4_dh0

  6. Benjy Evans Avatar

    hey shiffman, have you used yarn instead of npm? I find yarn is drastically quicker than npm

  7. גונן גזית Avatar

    How do you use this with windows?

  8. Daniel Astillero Avatar

    I don't understand. I remember I do this (create new p5 sketch) using the P5 interface. Why would I bother to do it on cmd?

  9. wizzup Avatar

    Why don't just provide sample skeleton projects in zip file on p5js.org download page?

  10. Aniekan Umoren Avatar

    +The Coding Train I don't mean to spam, and I know you've done a box2d tutorial but I can't seem to find any good examples on how to use raycasting in box2d. I was hoping that you could make tutorial for it. Thank you for your consideration. NICE VID BTW! KEEP IT UP!

  11. hkmix Avatar

    6:02 Slight inaccuracy — by default it puts you in your user directory, not the root directory of the computer. It wouldn't have let you create the files otherwise!

  12. Devvyl Avatar

    Thank you for existing, Dan!

  13. Pa Pinkelman Avatar

    High feeling of deja-vu here.

  14. m.ali petek Avatar

    Now, I sometimes watch your videos without seeking to learn anything.

  15. TheSpacecraftX Avatar

    This only works on mac and linux though right?

  16. Zaur Bilalov Avatar

    Thank you very much for this 🙂 I emailed you, but I guess it got lost somewhere in your inbox haha. Is there any way I can get a signed copy of Nature of Code.

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