A DESIGNERS Review : Affinity Designer on iPad Pro 2018

Is The iPad Pro all you need now for graphic design? In this video I’m reviewing Affinity Designer for iPad Pro 2018.

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19 responses to “A DESIGNERS Review : Affinity Designer on iPad Pro 2018”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! Let me know your thoughts on the new Affinity Designer app 🙂

  2. Irfaan Faki Avatar

    Honestly look into affinity designer on your Mac. It’s is a lot better than Illustrator

  3. Janicko Avatar

    I miss CSS export very much.. Serif presents Affinity Designer as an UI design app, but there is a long way for them to make it one.

  4. iSaac A Avatar

    I think it’s one of the must have apps for iPad Pro. Procreate & Affinity Designer absolutely worth their price from my experience so far

  5. Alexandre Cardim Avatar

    can it open ai files?

  6. dino dinos Avatar

    i like when you change the type of the filming and the background every time that is looks cool . i am excited to the next video 🙂

  7. elizabeth Avatar

    Procreate or Affinity Designer ??

  8. Nathan Avatar

    Compared to Illustrator, I feel it needs a few updates to smooth out some annoyances.

  9. Jeff Duke Avatar

    I fell in love with Affinity Designer for MacOS the first time I tried it. I can'T wait to check out their InDesign alternative they are currently working on.

  10. bryzzobrist Avatar

    Give affinity a few more years & it'll be the end of Adobe. Adobe has all but ignored the tablet crowd for years, a full mobile PS is said to be coming out next year, but that could be too late given the growth of both affinity & procreate.

  11. VS Avatar

    stabilizers are a godsend! there are days my hands are really shaky or fidgety that I really need the assistance of stabilizers. Lazy Nezumi is the best purchase I did for my PC to use with photoshop. Now I need to get Affinity too!

  12. Arnaud Mez Avatar

    Nice review Will.
    Really nice one.
    Like few here, i use Affinity Photo & Designer for my Design/Art work and it is so nice to use.
    Peoples like you are making it possible for us who have not found our way out using Adobe products to not feel homeless and by releasing so rich contents you just make it happen.

  13. Purple' Avatar

    The biggest benefit is affinity photo and designer desktop works seamlessly with iPad versions. If you know affinity for desktop you will know iPad version. Adobe is behind and need to catch up.

  14. LuceSD Avatar

    Actually there is no iPad Pro 2018 yet. Maybe you‘ve gotten the name wrong – apart from that great vid

  15. Rodrigo Brito Avatar

    Why are the blacks with that weird noise?

  16. Renoh Ajinasawor Avatar

    I always use affinity designer for my works now. Mainly because Adobe Illustrator is too expensive AND can be too overwhelmed for beginner like me. I feel so familiar with affinity designer even though it's my first time using it, I don't know why..

  17. John Nelson Avatar

    I own the desktop version. Even though it lacks some obvious features (like distorts and blends) but, it feels more like a vector inking tool rather than a pure design tool

  18. Jᴀᴄᴋᴇʀᴄᴏ Avatar

    Early! Great video as always!

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