Abstract Logo Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator CC

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I normally talk about logotypes and wordmarks because they’re my passion! But in this video, I’m going to show you how you can create a modern abstract logo / icon in Adobe Illustrator 2017 with just using circles and the Shape Builder Tool. Enjoy!

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24 responses to “Abstract Logo Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator CC”

  1. MR.Robot Avatar

    1:12 Teaches you how to make a template
    1:45 Ellipse tool
    4:05 Shape Builder tool
    5:54 How to expand a live shape object
    7:14 How to do the patterns inside the shape

  2. Hannah Marson Avatar

    Really clever technique, I like the colourful logo but how would you transfer this into black and white while still making it meaning full?

  3. Vichet Sophat Avatar

    It's very complicated when i try to make template back into normal, I can't do anything. It's not freezing, but I just can't do anything.

  4. Wang Iris Avatar

    Thankssss!!!!!!Really helpful for the beginner 😛
    will try to do later!!!!!

  5. Andres Guzman Avatar

    I'm always trying to learn and this sure helps out a lot

  6. Nick Burris Avatar

    How do I delete the little parts at about 14:10? My shape builder wants to delete the hole pink section and or all of the blue shape. It won't just let me delete the small triangles above the blue.

  7. Tyran Vz Avatar

    LOVE your work bro, thank you for these vids

  8. Amanda NOUR Avatar

    Hey Will, I followed your video and came up with something that I'd like to share. Maybe you could take a look? THANKS!


    PS Love the Channel!!

  9. Steph Holt Avatar

    Will this is brilliant! I'm in the process of planning my first abstract icon and this video is perfect! (Love that videos can still be found and viewed so long after the fact!) Thanks! #subscribedwiththebell

  10. Digital Software Avatar

    Good stuff! Always learn so much from your vids.

  11. Romulus Avatar

    This would be an extreme pain in the ass to follow if I hadn't used photoshop before lol. I wish he'd explain even little things like zooming in for those that might not know "I'm using the x key to do y" etc.

  12. Anthony Xavier Avatar

    hi please put source file also in description so that we can follow your tutorial

  13. Harold Ajagu Avatar

    This is cool. And your video quality is just "butter" so fluid. Nice one!

  14. Trilla Killa Avatar

    You're kind of a dick.

  15. Fahad Mushtaq Avatar

    Thanks dude.This is awsome

  16. Jim Burke Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial, I just tried it and it is a bunch of work but Looks Great… I just have to learn and remember all the Shortcuts – Cheers

  17. jack demynn Avatar

    mine randomly gains a black outline after I hit 0shift m

  18. Sahir ismail Avatar

    This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks for the amazing Tutorial Will.

  19. Jose Nelson Amaya Castaneda Avatar

    Thank you dude! You are awesome!

  20. Blue Bot Avatar

    Thanks that is very informative, got me subscribed 🙂 could you do a video that list and explain briefly all the main logo design types? aka "Abstract Logo Design".

  21. Juan Pablo Avatar

    your the best man! keep it up! greetings from Mexico!

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