Add www In Your WordPress Website


Learn how to add www to your wordpress website. Also learn how to fix the URL if you broke it in cpanel.






34 responses to “Add www In Your WordPress Website”

  1. riseup estate Avatar

    i have done this thing even checked this thing in my cpanel php my admin the www is there but when i open my website without www it opens without but this problem is only with homepage rest of the site auto loads with www but if i open my website it opens with and without www, i want it to be opened only with www please help

  2. royalclub148 Avatar

    Thanks Tyler it worked by 1 step. 🙂

  3. che brandon Avatar

    Thanks alot your the best website teacher ever. Thanks

  4. Mario A Zepeda Avatar

    Thank you, great video.. just the first part was enough, didn't have to watch the full video..

  5. TradingTechnicals Avatar

    You made it so simple to understand. My query is that I am unable to edit url settings in dashboard because it just doesn't highlight and it is without www.
    I checked at phpMyadmin in cPanel and here it displays url along with www already. Even then my url doesn't have www.
    How should I address this issue?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Science2Student Avatar

    Thank you So much brother. this helped me solve my issue. 

  7. 317Vapers Avatar

    your the man tyler!!! Hey quick question. I'm trying to get, what I think to be called Taglines, (when you bookmark something and it has all the description added to the name description) on my site. I have tagline filled out on my settings. But not showing up what do I need to do?

  8. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks so much! 🙂

  9. John Moore Avatar

    Once again, thank you for another helpful video. The knowledge you share on here is clear, concise, and easy to follow. This channel is a great resource for newbies like myself.

  10. Tyler Moore Avatar

    awesome! thank you!

  11. SNHGlobal Avatar

    awesome!! I broke my website and went to numerous youtube channels to learn how to fix it. they didn't explain the process to well. So I had to call blue host. I wish I would have subscribed to you sooner! Thank you. Now I have the answers to the What? Why? and How? questions.

  12. markoni2202 Avatar

    Thanks for video.
    I just try [w o rd press] on [w w w] .[w or d press]. com, and I would like to add w w w to my site.
    Is it possible there?

  13. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Hi, thank you! i read a lot and i practice a lot…i keep trying and trying 🙂

  14. FEBFISHER GTA Avatar

    mr @Tyler Moore u are very intellectual and it seems u have done a lot of research actually i also research so my question is that how do you master all this you are great sir in india we say jahpannah tusi great ho tofa kubul karo

  15. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks so much :))))))

  16. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks! i appreciate it 🙂

  17. Alisha Xsel Avatar

    Yo, you're awesome. I'm so glad you showed how to fix the site when broken… SMH, I hit save before you said it save and I had removed the wp from the link… LOL, thanks man, really appreciate you!!

  18. Muhammad Tariq Avatar

    great sir and pls can u tell us wordpress classifieds website making pls pls pls

  19. Kilian Mccullough Avatar

    Hey man I accidentally changed my URL and now I'm getting error 404 I can't go back to my site when I get to my home page it's all disconfigured please help!!!

  20. jkadbhjadhboa Avatar

    My general settings site shows everything that shows in yours EXCEPT the WordPress Address and Site Address options. How do I change mine? Thanks.

  21. Nizamuddin Amer Avatar

    Thanks Tyler. Very helpful!

  22. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks, Jonhard! 🙂

  23. Jonhard Larsen Avatar

    Hi Tyler, you are doing a good job, thanx

  24. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thank for your comment, ive added it to the list of videos to make.

  25. Paul Nyagoa Avatar

    hi Tyler I wanted to know how to create a site like with all the email marketing services in the back end. could you do that?

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