Adding Usernames to Devise – DIY Twitter Clone #6.2

Learn how to add a username column to the Devise gem! In this episode, we will be performing a migration to enable us to use usernames as a field alongside the default fields provided to us by the Devise gem. This will allow us to later on identify users via usernames rather than emails – and to create unique URLs for each user’s tweets to reside.

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“Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin:
“Game Coding Complete” by Mike McShaffry:
“JavaScript and JQuery” by Jon Ducket:


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11 responses to “Adding Usernames to Devise – DIY Twitter Clone #6.2”

  1. Caleb LaFeve Avatar

    Your public ip address is in this video, idk if its still yours considering that you uploaded this 2 years ago but just letting you know

  2. Andrew Morgan Avatar

    When I run $ @testUser = User.find_by_id(1) it returns:

    user id
    email address

    I'm using a vanilla install of Devise. Is there a tutorial previous to this one that explains how to get Devise to capture the additional data that you describe in this video?

  3. Dustin McAllister Avatar

    After I migrate the database, and I enter the rails console I type in "@u =" how come I am missing a lot of the columns you have and we entered in the google doc? Here is what mine says "=> #<User id: nil, email: "", created_at: nil, updated_at: nil, username: nil> "

  4. Elina Ziggina Avatar

    These tutorials are amazing, but I'm having problems with the file not migrating. I did everything in the tutorial correctly and used the correct command, but it just doesn't migrate. Is there any way I can fix that? After using the rake db:migrate the terminalssays this:

    == 20160612180424 AddUsernamesToUsers: migrating ==============================
    == 20160612180424 AddUsernamesToUsers: migrated (0.0000s) =====================

    My database isn't readable either, is that normal?

  5. Beyblade420 Avatar

    Really loving this series. Even though I don't care to keep my mockup of Twitter, it is giving me a great understand of how user auth works and creation of other elements in a dynamic website.

  6. Kris Chery Avatar

    Scratch the comment below. the add_index is the only thing that doesn't show up on my schema rb.

    t.username shows but the add_index users, ["username"], name: "index_users_on_username", unique: true doesn't show. HELP!!!

  7. Kris Chery Avatar

    when i type rake db:migrate, it migrate without adding the column index. I tried to do rake db:rollback —trace and this is what i get…

    I am running on rails 4.2.4 if that helps and ruby 2.2.3p173

    Any help would be awesome thanks.

    rake aborted!
    StandardError: An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:

    Index name 'index_users_on_username' on table 'users' does not exist/Users/krischery/.rbenv/versions/2.2.3/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/activerecord-4.2.4/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/abstract/schema_statements.rb:988:in `index_name_for_remove'

  8. Irene Li Avatar

    when i type in rake db:migrate, it migrates without adding the column and index. 🙁

  9. Rafael Fernandez Avatar

    Keep Em coming you are doing great, I think once more people get wind of the quality there will be many views

  10. Gildas Awesso Avatar

    Good video and great job. Continue this way we are with you

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