Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Tutorial : Type On A Path

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8 responses to “Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Tutorial : Type On A Path”

  1. LiveNaturallyLove Avatar


  2. Reynard Baillou Avatar

    Nice tutorial, but it would have been even more helpful to show how you did the bottom text "DESIGNER" as well.

  3. Syed Halim Avatar

    Hi what is type of font u are using Thanks

  4. Will Quarton Avatar

    Thanks bud, very helpful and simple. got what I came for.

  5. Robert Anthony de Haan Avatar

    I used to have these small squares around the circle, but now their gone…fix?

  6. VoiceChangerGuru Avatar

    Can you please do some more 3D text tutorials? Something cool. I'd really appreciate it. Your other one was great. 

  7. Jordan Smith Avatar

    great tutorial, it really helped. I think you should do more of this type of tutorial that goes into detail about specific tools. I always knew about the type on path tool but never knew about the details and never really wanted to use it. Keep the great videos coming!

  8. SweetPeaGamingPC Avatar

    Thank you! Goodness, I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now but never got around to it. Nice tutorial, quick and easy. 

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