Adobe Illustrator CC | How To Make Vintage Monograms

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18 responses to “Adobe Illustrator CC | How To Make Vintage Monograms”

  1. Alex Harms Art Avatar

    Looks like a pretzel, in my opinion, if you turn it around a bit; but still very nice. Great tutorial!

  2. Leftclot Avatar

    Bummer that the rounding of the rectangle trick is only available in Illustrator versions CC and above! 🙁
    I think those of us without the CC version would have to achieve this by creating a separate rectangle and a circle, then arranging them in line and cutting away the extra vectors using the Scissors Tool.

  3. Kashmiri Lion Avatar


  4. Adinuri Type Avatar

    very useful thanks!

  5. T1M NZ Avatar

    How do you get the bat along the top of your mac to be black? mine is white at the momnet

  6. Michael Nemorin Avatar

    Can somebody explain what a monogram is??

  7. PB&Jrunr Avatar

    Do you think it matters which letter(s) read first? Sometimes I make monograms and they end up reading backwards or maybe I'm thinking too much into it.

  8. - SHRED - Avatar

    Sorry for this question but i need to know how…
    I have illustrator CC and i need to know how curve the angles on a path (like at the start of this video when he do the C from a rectangle).
    My problem is that i don't know how to do it istantanely like in the video, because i don't have the drag-points for curving the angles of a path, and i don't find how to makes them appear ……

  9. beejaedee Avatar

    The part where you transform the corners into a curve right around the 1:00 mark, was there an extra key stroke you did in there or did you just click and drag? I'm not sure it's available in my version of illustrator.

  10. julianx16 Avatar

    usefull shortcuts… awesome video

  11. patrick lopez Avatar

    I'm a Windows Adobe CC user, but still loved this video.I really like the way you go through these functions and techniques I never would have otherwise used. I actually practiced the pen tools after the last video and was amazed how much more proficiency your tutorial added. This one's the same. tons of good hints here. Thank you.

  12. kennytieshisshoes Avatar

    This was really informative. Do you have any tips on creating Monograms with a "K" in it? I always have a difficult time creating a hand lettered "K"

  13. Rune_Slayer181 Avatar

    dude I'm 15 and I love art so I'm thinking sbout being a grafic designer is that a good choice for a first job

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