Adobe Illustrator CS6 CC Tutorial *BEGINNER* – How To Make Shapes

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14 responses to “Adobe Illustrator CS6 CC Tutorial *BEGINNER* – How To Make Shapes”

  1. rick buckley Avatar

    Hi Will, could you please tell me how in Adobe Illustrator to fill the negative space in between created shapes.
    Many thanks, Rick

  2. Azhan Aziz Avatar

    how draw shape using mouse dude !!!!

  3. Justin Spence Avatar

    This is all common sense… I need to learn how to alter shapes.

  4. DudeRevolution Avatar

    4.5 minutes to learn how to make a goddamn circle. You demo makers seriously need to work on your editing skills

  5. Jacob Møller Avatar


  6. Goran Ramovic Avatar

    all I wanted to know was how do I make a triangle

  7. James Auble Avatar

    Loved the tutorial. Clear to the point and very understandable. I'm new to Illustrator and looking to do some characters for a 2d game. Any recommendations for tutorials?

  8. Ashley Knapp Avatar

    Thanks you good quick refreshed haven't used illustrator in about a year and needed some quick refreshers, this helped a ton thank you.

  9. shotiejzn Avatar

    Great videos. Learned a lot. By the way, I have a question. Are you using a Macbook or an iMac and what are the specs? I'm planning to upgrade from a windows laptop. Thanks

  10. Muhammad Asad Avatar

    heyy Will nyc video.can u do a begineer tutorial on t shirt design will be big help coz u explain very well…….

  11. Rachel Bolton - Healer of people and animal healer Avatar

    Thank you – I am new to adobe suite – but want to draw a merkab – can you help?

  12. Kiah Bodin Avatar

    Hey will, I've been having trouble changing the size of my shapes using the selection tool. Maybe I've messed something up in my settings? help me out here

  13. Catherine Hadler Avatar

    Thanks Will, could you do a tutorial on using layers at some point?

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