Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Basic Neon Lines [ Tutorial ]

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Learn how to create glowing neon lines in Photoshop. The main tool used in this episode is the Pen Tool. For more online education tutorials and Photography editing. Be sure to drop by my website for 100+ FREE tuts. Don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe if you found this helpful. Thanks!

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48 responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Basic Neon Lines [ Tutorial ]”

  1. Rockstar Rezuan Avatar

    your boobs are great

  2. iamziano Avatar

    Just wondering if the procedure would still be the same if I want a thick ribbon-ish kind of lines instead of neon? Any suggestions on how can I achieve it?

  3. Sky Lito Avatar

    every time i follow tutorial then stuck at a step, the only thing make me happy is somebody got same problem as me at the comment hahaha

  4. Deep Avatar

    Great Tut but which brush do u use ?

  5. Shirish Maheshwari Avatar

    When I stroke the path, it was stroked with black colour. How can I change it to white?

  6. JamxJam Avatar

    not to be rude but, im more interested in da bewbs than the video itself

  7. Nelson Acevedo Avatar

    Nice Video! What's the title of this track you're playing?

  8. John Rey Yting Avatar

    How did you make the background?

  9. Marco Giusti Avatar

    Nice girl! and nice tutorial!

  10. Petrus Burns Avatar

    nice tutorial. short, worth, clear..

  11. Prem Rathore Avatar

    stroke path option not allow

  12. danaja lusane Avatar

    it wont let me stroke path and says nothing to stroke help?

  13. Kamille Piñon Avatar

    When i do this, it doesn't follow the 'fading effect' at the two ends. help newbie here 🙁

  14. Eb Avatar

    i suggest masking rather than using eraser

  15. Captain Zane Avatar

    Brilliant! You made it so much simpler than I thought it would be

  16. Yatharth Thakkar Avatar

    bad clarity in starting

  17. Zehreli Chummi Offical Avatar

    thanks man always be thankful to you for this

  18. Lmack_ Avatar

    Can you do this in adobe illustrator?

  19. Jusfer Dane Parra Avatar

    what is the name of the jpg sir

  20. Barrie Avery Avatar

    Thank you you made my goals so much easier guys 😀

  21. Official AJ Channel Avatar

    That was awesome … You gained a subscriber

  22. TERRAMOUNT Avatar

    very nice tutorial 🙂

  23. nicho marikit Avatar

    y cant stroke path ?

  24. CamoVlog Avatar

    Thank you, amazing, just what I was looking for. Greetings from Colombia.

  25. Marley Cash Avatar

    i did everything but i did not get that colour what you have ? any explaination

  26. blueridgepics Avatar

    What makes the neon light taper at the ends?

  27. Mohamed Yousry Avatar

    please I want to ask about the type of the brush used?
    And thanks for youe efforts.

  28. jayanth narayan Avatar

    hey man which brush did you selected?

  29. lachiu Avatar

    +Photoshop Tutorials I get this when I follow your steps

  30. Lexi Aguila Avatar

    Heyy! Great tutorial! Really simple and easy to do, but I have just one question, exactly what brush did you use? Because I first opened photoshop and I didn't tinker around with the brushes besides the size. And one time I accidentally hit one of the brushes by accident and I dont know what to do now. Help please haha

  31. Taske SRB Avatar

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover adobe photoshop online tutorial try Grathaw Amazing Editor Expert (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.

  32. Teejay Hiphop Avatar

    wow this was a lot easier than I thought it'd be, great tut

  33. Alicja Kosinska Avatar

    this track is sick! can you drop the title? many thanks for awesome tutorial! 🙂

  34. draven2345 Avatar

    Fun and Awesome tutorial!!!!

  35. Seriat Selmani Avatar

    that's great, it works

  36. Syzygy Avatar

    After I draw my lines and right click  them stroke path isn't an option I can select.. Help? :/

  37. PunkSkaful Avatar

    WHy are your stroke paths pointy in the end? mine is round, it looks like a twisted hotdog

  38. Shockwave Avatar

    Awesome tutorials man!

  39. TozLaHem DzaBa Avatar

    Where did you get photo

  40. Alcagoita Avatar

    When I do the things you do in the video, it doesn't show color on the whole line, it misses some parts. What's the problem?

  41. RedDead36 Avatar

    It won't let me click Stroke Path, It's grayed out. Someone Help!

  42. Alexandra Decespedes Avatar

    Does anyone know where +Photoshop Tutorials  gets their high quality images?

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