Adobe Photoshop CS6 How To Create A Shadow [ Tutorial ]

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17 responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS6 How To Create A Shadow [ Tutorial ]”

  1. Subhash Sahu Avatar

    hey thanx for the video, nice tutorial.and 
    plz tell me the name of song that is  playing in the background

  2. Luiyo Ramirez Avatar

    I just got photoshop for free haha hell yeah

  3. Thetom463 Avatar

    i wish i could be this good

  4. huzaifa hameed Avatar

    love it! gonna send this to my friend!

  5. gamingtacticsx Avatar

    thanks for sharing this eazy to follow as wellll

  6. tran hoan Avatar

    Nice video and inspiring…keep up the good work and hey…well done

  7. cutefluffypanda Avatar

    i have a request. "how to delete unwanted objects" tutorial i couldn't find any good ones

  8. ZaZiiing Avatar

    useful tutorials and love the walking dead

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