Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 11 – Clipping Video Tracks

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19 responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 11 – Clipping Video Tracks”

  1. Hawre Tarq Avatar

    great …. u r the best

  2. Asael Cruz Avatar

    you are great doing tutorials

  3. Tomer Nosrati Avatar

    What is the difference between changing the starting position and changing the position of the video like you say at 04:28.


  4. Mar Gutierrez Avatar

    So awesome! Seriously the best. I flipped when I found out you can copy and paste effects. So much time has been saved. Not even sure what to do now.

  5. Krakob Avatar

    You lost me somewhere around 0:30…

  6. Minecraft589 Avatar

    I have a problem; When I am editing in AdobePPC6, and I want to make a cloning video, for example… The 'Linear wipe' and 'Radial wipe' cut the whole clip, you know.. It ends up with a mess,, the question is: Is there a way you can 'mark' the person/object you want in the clip, instead of cutting the whole clip????

  7. Ana Sidorova Avatar

    that you could actually see two videos in same time!! like the ''The shinning: Forwad and Backwards'' movie

  8. Ana Sidorova Avatar

    is it possible to make a video just like this one. One on top other:)''double video'' please help me!!!:))))

  9. Garrus Avatar

    Shit dawg, now I can clip.

  10. Scott Braun Avatar

    huh? lost my attention after about the first 2 minutes..

  11. manjula nair Avatar

    great tutorials !!! really enjoyed and learned a lot ..thanks 🙂 u are awesome

  12. Bertil Kau Petersen Avatar

    yeah it is, but the version he is using doesn't have that feature, Premiere CS6 have that feature. 😉

  13. jo jo Avatar

    i tried exporting to a file, but the quality changes. the video became blur

  14. Shizaru Avatar

    Great Tutorials 😀

  15. Neal Avatar

    So you definitely don't want to check out the next video.. Ahr.. exuse me, you definitely WANT to check out the next video! 😀

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