Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 7 – Effects Control Panel

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22 responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 7 – Effects Control Panel”

  1. fahad rajpoot fan clube Avatar

    how his dowlond wind 8 link send me

  2. GalacticGloryofLight Avatar

    I have been watching your tutorials for like a year now and keep it up man you're awesome

  3. Thru My Eyes Avatar

    Hey Bucky sorry I always forget to give you a thumbs up…but now because I came back to this video to remember something about the levels settings that you always use on your youtube videos…here's your thumb up man…you're the best!

  4. jsilanFILMS Avatar

    quick question for some reason my effects tab is not coming up is there a setting a can go to for it to show back up

  5. Vanessa Hernandez Avatar

    Hello I have a question if i have a logo and a black or white whatever background and I wanna remove the background how do I do that I would really appropriated if you can write to me or have a video about to learn how to do that. Thank you 

  6. Syed Bilal Gilani Avatar

    Hi, There
    I have seen all of your tutorials and found them really constructive towards learning of subject.
    I need to know one thing that if want to point or mention a specific screen section so how can i encircle it?
    For example your cap has a letter B on the front and at a certain time i want to either point an arrow with text or wish to encircle it to particularly mention this so how can i do so?
    I also wish to know that can the asked effect animate as well?
    Will be looking your answer as a student.

  7. Roger Avatar

    Ha I didn't even realize how old this vid is!

  8. Roger Avatar

    Just started premiere, i'm learning a lot from your vids, thanks so far!

  9. Elkmar Ali Avatar

    Thanks for posting these guides, they are really well organized and comprehensive. 

  10. Asael Cruz Avatar

    Thanks I'm learning a lot with you 

  11. Banshees Wail Avatar

    Go to the menu bar and select "Window", "Workspace", and click "Reset current workspace."

  12. Roxanne Kusters Avatar

    Hi Bucky!
    I did something really stupid. When I was switching the panels (windows) like you did, some of them got lose. They are in a new window now. And it doesn't seem I can reset it (like you showed)
    How do I reset it? How do I get it like it was when I first opened it? Because it's very hard to work with it now.

  13. ghyselsguy65 Avatar

    window > effects control

  14. BYEBYE Avatar

    my effects control tab is gone, how do i get it back?

  15. Dulan Jayasuriya Avatar

    Thankyou soooooooooooooooooooooooo much 😀

  16. ahmad arizala Avatar


  17. pramu22 Avatar

    No. Just no…

  18. Алексей Махметхажиев Avatar

    Баки ты просто отличный учитель!!! Надо тебя русифицировать!

  19. FacetiousGaming Avatar

    awesome thanks for this! 😀

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