Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 8 – Working with Keyframes

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28 responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 8 – Working with Keyframes”

  1. Subhabrata Ghosh Chowdhury Avatar

    This helped a lot. Thank you so much.

  2. Marty Avatar

    well damn, I always use fade in / fade out or a dissolve effect, never thought of playing with the opacity over time.. duuh, thank you for the tip ! 🙂 also, do you have a video that shows how to use the handles to make it smoother? having a bit of a rough time with those..thanks !

  3. kelesi Avatar

    I'm a beginner in adobe premiere and this video was very useful, thanks a lot!

  4. Emma Matthew Avatar

    How do you fade or completely stop an effect? i want an effect to be on the video for 5 seconds in the beginning, and then to remove it for the rest of the video.

  5. AirsoftReviewerHD Avatar

    Good Video! Although, fade in is also a transition already pre made 🙂 

  6. Saša Kos Avatar

    tnx for great tips, helped a lot

  7. 44deluxe Avatar

    Great tutorial but please stop saying "go ahead"!!!!!

  8. Suzin Daly Avatar

    You are producing above average tutorials. Glad I found you. I am moving from FCP to PP, been a long time since I have used Premiere.  I am technically challenged…your really good, I'm getting it easily and quickly, bless you. Sz

  9. john harris Avatar

    What recording tool do you use for your tutorials?

  10. FurysEdits Avatar

    Thanks I didn't know how they worked when my friend explained it but now I see what he was saying. Thanks man!

  11. Christina Renken Avatar

    how do I copy and paste keyframes? it's important, please reply

  12. rkb100100 Avatar

    Thanks Justin!

  13. Ahmed Bahgat Avatar

    ok i just had to sign-in specifically to THANK YOU… great instructions,, very clear…very thorough without a lot of jibber jabber…

    thumbed up + subscribed. thanx again bro, keep up the great work.

  14. JayJay Macintosh Avatar

    This was very useful but isnt tht basically the same thing as a transition?

  15. Joe Francis Avatar

    These are really great tutorials. I just wanted to get started and these are the most useful I've used so far – well done !

  16. PaddyIrishman Avatar

    Great tutorials man, thanks you so much.

  17. James Villinger Avatar

    Is there a way you can copy the keyframes of one video clip, to an entirely different video clip? Alternatively, after adding keyframes to a video, is it possible to keep those keyframes in place but change which video it's attached to? Thanks!

  18. jeff aftereffect Avatar

    i wish all the tutorials are like your videos easy to follow and very easy to understand thank you very much MASTER…=)

  19. Adultgamers1337 Avatar

    wow , helped me alot bro.

  20. muzztard Avatar

    I hate tutorials that try to teach too much. Yours is perfect. THANKS.

  21. digitalrules Avatar

    Thank you so much for your free lessons!

  22. Derrymaine148 Avatar

    these vids are really good. keep up man

  23. Commander6444 Avatar

    You're not gonna read this, but whatever. You click the little clock-shape by the effect's name, and there you go, keyframes.

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