Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 9 – Tools Panel

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40 responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 9 – Tools Panel”

  1. Gold King Avatar

    someone have a link of this app how to download?????????

  2. Boba ninja Avatar

    Thanks dude. Really helped, keep it up!

  3. Mistral Spirit Avatar

    SOO helpful, thank you! <3

  4. Hendri Mahardika Avatar


  5. Andre Galiano Avatar

    "has no way of knowing what you filmed in the future" HAHAHAHHAA fantastic

  6. Andre Galiano Avatar

    massive thanks, man

  7. MidPinch Avatar

    I love this video, it makes me super happy! 😀

  8. Morad Shebli Avatar

    Thank you so much!

  9. Oleg Leikin Avatar

    For zooming you can also use the +/- keys

  10. xin0 Avatar

    wow…pen tool makes animation easier man!

  11. Austin Schadewald Avatar

    You can also use + or – to zoom in and out of the timeline.

  12. allwyn mathias Avatar

    How to reset to the default video length after using the 'Rate Stretch Tool' ?

  13. adarkerlight Avatar

    Nice! Though even a basic intro to the slip and slide tools would've been nice; now I have to hunt for those. Otherwise, excellent, concise vid.

  14. Dany Abboud Avatar


  15. s. brooks Avatar

    How can you move multiple photos at once to your timeline without dragging them individually? Ty.

  16. Ivan Fuentes Hagar Avatar

    I was watching this vid just to remind myself of slip/slide.

  17. NibblyBits Avatar

    He goes over everything basic since that's what his tutorials do. Shows the basics to get everyone started with the program. And he does go over things he doesn't like nor use much while saying so.

  18. davit Gurgenidze Avatar

    good job mate. you are best in slow and fast motion 😀

  19. George Bosnas Avatar

    hey mate thanx for sharing your knowledge!
    how did you cut at the same lenght the two videos 3:02
    thank you

  20. boogiepoet Avatar

    Thanks man! I'm learning a lot with your tutorials!

  21. jeff aftereffect Avatar

    people who hit dislike will stuck using movie maker for the rest of their lives hahaha good luck

  22. TheDarkWolfKnight Avatar

    These tutorials leave out quite a lot of information. Even if you hate it or don't use it all that much, because it is a tutorial, I am expecting a concise explanation.

  23. Stanley Parrish Jr. Avatar

    thanks. Just what I needed.

  24. Taylor Frazier Avatar

    one of the best tuts of the series. really hepful and covers alot

  25. Perez Prada Avatar

    Me? Twat? Oh my.

  26. Marius Vasie Avatar

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us!

  27. sumit chaurasiya Avatar

    heyyy bucky u are awsom e
    Can you just help me out, I have a problem
    while I has adding titles downloaded from google the area it cover on the screen or for differnt videos of varying resolution an I set a uniform area on which they will be displayed ??

  28. Techno Gameo Avatar

    thanks man u help me for my uni project. thinks so so so much

  29. Perez Prada Avatar

    Gee, thanks for skipping past the slip tool. Thanks for NOTHING. What's the point of a tut if you're going to do something like that?? Too bad bc your video was entertaining. What a let- down.

  30. Ethereal Darkling Avatar

    Thank u Bucky!!! Perfect as always.

  31. zacharyxx0 Avatar

    Thanks, these tutorials are great and pretty funny.

  32. franchyze922 Avatar

    how come the razor tool doesn't snap like all the other tools?

  33. Lythel23 Avatar

    oh, what would happen if I could see the future…
    Lol, nice one

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