Advanced Sales Techniques Part 2

Closing Techniques: Figure out how a customer is sold. Use these question’s to create a great sales script / fact finder. Tips for sales people, selling value






7 responses to “Advanced Sales Techniques Part 2”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thanks 🙂 Don't worry it is very hard to insult me and you made a very valid point. I wish I would have taken more time making everything perfect in the past

  2. lawrence mcdonell Avatar

    was only joking, great job btw

  3. Derek Banas Avatar

    I used to make many grammar mistakes in the past in my rush to get a video made every day. Sorry about that, but my new videos have very few grammar errors

  4. lawrence mcdonell Avatar

    I insist that in future you observe proper use of the possessive pronoun:
    at 5:21 "other's" should be "others" ;
    don't use it unless it denotes possession. E.g."question's" at 6.36;
    … and numerous other examples in your other vids. 🙂

  5. Donna Gutierrez Avatar

    I'm fascinated with your varied interest. You must be good in conversations.Your friends are lucky.

  6. Derek Banas Avatar

    @AnthonyArthur23 All of the information in this tutorial paid my bills for about 4 years. That's not counting all of my years in sales. It's amazing that very few people have seen my best videos. I'm glad you liked it 🙂

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