After Effects CS6 Tutorial – 1 – Introduction

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38 responses to “After Effects CS6 Tutorial – 1 – Introduction”

  1. Gubran Baddour Avatar

    I wish we have pro tutorial after this

  2. Shubham Bharti Avatar

    If possible can you provide me with the subtitles ? please

  3. My Cave Avatar

    hello bucky please open the cc to translation special thanx from egypt

  4. Bondel18 Avatar

    whats the differn between cs6 and cc? igot the cc one.

  5. Noe Gomez Avatar

    Nice! I've been meaning to pick up a new video editing software after my macbook pro died

  6. PrankCoast Avatar

    are you running on a treadmill?

  7. carlosyalluh Avatar

    Buddy's nerdiness and slight awkwardness is endearing

  8. Ob 1 Avatar

    Hi Bucky why did you become Buddy Blackford?

  9. Ob 1 Avatar

    hey now brown cow

  10. 2CloseShave Avatar

    How the fuck does bucky put out 70+ videos in a few weeks??!

  11. the artistic programmer Avatar

    If someone wanted me explain the basics of something like Java or another C based language, I can, but people would first have to have an understanding in math before I can get too deep into the details of how algorithms and data structures. How do I get the screen to show of what I am doing and do a recording of a google hangout at the same time? I have no microphone other than the one attached to the laptop. I have some skill at programming at the data structures level, and plan on going up to some of the different areas of Computer Science. Note that I am often busy with college classes, and they currently take up a good chunk of my time. Thus, do not always expect an immediate response to comments and question from others. 

  12. Panth Mantheon Avatar


  13. ralmslb Avatar

    Hi Bucky,

    I love your videos and tutorials. 
    They did helped me in the past and most likely will help in the future. 
    Now one thing I would ask you CARE WITH THE SUB BOX SPAM!!!

    60 Videos in 3/4 days ? Come on….

  14. João Victor Avatar

    Hello there Bucky or whoever's voice it might be in the video.. 🙂

    I wanted to know which software you use and the settings you configure for your video to have this quality on youtube. 

    Nice videos. Very helpful.


  15. basem abdullah Avatar

    Where is Bucky ?! we r getting used on him 🙂 

  16. luckyQWER Avatar

    Yea, where's Bucky?

  17. StikeTech Avatar

    Where's Bucky?

  18. Brian A Avatar

    Glad to see this channel uploading some new content 

  19. Mark Jay Avatar

    Thank you for doing some tutorial videos. Because I want to learn after effects.

  20. The Young Turds Avatar

    bucky's still in the bar i think. he's been there for months..

  21. zetarobot Avatar

    For fucks sake Bucky, finish what you start with for once!

  22. Jiff Pop Avatar

    Thank you bucky for new videos! holy crap I am happy as hell 😀

  23. toolhog10 Avatar

    Why no vids for the long time?

  24. pyrogoggles Avatar

    God dammit Bucky. How dare you die on us.

  25. Sir Abe Avatar

    Bucky made thenewboston to teach the world for free. A school doesn't have only 1 teacher!

  26. zavvie Avatar

    But just calm down dude, you seem so nervous
    Ive been waiting for a good After effects tut and Im pretty sure you'll be good. 

  27. Red Avatar

    I'm so hungry

  28. Sam Rapaport Avatar

    I'm hoping Bucky is taking this time to teach himself even more than he knows to make the biggest Bucky comeback of all time. I miss him :'(

  29. gottalikeit2010 Avatar

    Bucky's buddy Buddy

  30. Kush Smoker Avatar

    It was a joke… This is the message from his Facebook page.

    To fill everyone in real quick, last summer I moved to Raleigh to film the “How to Pick Up Girls” video series. After about a month of filming, we found out that we wouldn't be able to use ANY of the footage because it was all filmed on private property (college campuses). So then we filmed for about two weeks in public areas only such as the street, in parks, etc… We got a ton of footage and I was just planning to blur out the faces of the girls who we talked to. But then I saw on YouTube terms of service that this was against their policy and that I would actually need written permission from every single girl saying that I had permission to use them in our videos, even if their faces were blurred out. After that I was just really disheartened and decided to cancel the project. I moved back to NY and soon after was contacted about a software project about AI/machine learning, so I have been working on that ever since. I just finished that this week so now I am back to making videos!

  31. Vishwas Raj Avatar

    the moment i clicked this video….i thought omg it would be….what the heck is going on guys…my name is bucky roberts….later i was dissapointed…..

  32. slickcross Avatar

    Wish he could do tutorials for the mac

  33. Wayne Kinne Avatar

    why not give an update on Bucky? how's he doin? is he ever coming back? 

  34. emil1202 Avatar

    i want some cms tutorials! 🙂

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