After Effects Tutorial – 13 – Creating a Motion Sketch

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30 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 13 – Creating a Motion Sketch”

  1. Dokebu Avatar

    Charlie Chupacabra is the best

  2. Marco Fajardo Avatar

    thnak you sooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dcwatashi Avatar

    Will try this. It doesn't appear that he answers anyones questions though.

  4. Aali.D.Gr8 Avatar

    You deserve that baby u deserve that I SUBSCRIBE you now bcz only of your cool amazing method of teaching but plz don't make it fool bcz u did not tell us fully uskip background option in it plz make tutorial always full not skip anything you and i personally thank you u r doing perfect job for us

  5. Deepak Gowtham Avatar

    there is no motion sketch option in window in adobe cs4 what to do? what to do pls help me

  6. penguinYT1 Avatar

    VERY easy to follow, and I second Thalesll's comment. Thanks for making these.

  7. xmasterblue Avatar

    ok.all is well. but how to delete a key frame made by motion sketch? or how to undo it?

  8. Ali Syafiq Avatar

    I encountered error 5003, when i clicked start start capturing. How to solve the problem?

  9. curtis purnell Avatar

    i found the motion sketch but it stops after a couple seconds and it resets it

  10. curtis purnell Avatar

    please help i have the student edition and its format is totally different my dad is cheap that is the only reason i have the student edition 🙁

  11. pctechsupporthelp1 Avatar

    Great tutorial, love how easy it is to follow it 🙂

  12. MinecraftingNoob Avatar

    omg keyframes never end D:

  13. Hady Aymen Avatar

    Pain in the butt 😀

  14. karthik krazzyone Avatar

    thats awesome….thanks for the tutorials
    kindly post some photoshop tutorials.

  15. JHAMZ Avatar

    ok so i reach 13 an dude i learned alot today u have been a great help thus far I now got after effects and this thing really isnt user friendly….I'm on the road to vid 39….how long did it take you to learn all of this O_O

  16. betje87 Avatar

    Mannnnn, If I knew this, it would have saved me hoursssss of work *_*. But now I know! 😀

  17. crackmaster88 Avatar

    i've downloaded all your tutorials in case that PIPA and SOPA show up xD


    you r the best on of all youtube tutorials

  19. Tarjei Skjærset Avatar

    @MIKEDINSMORE2 why youtube? what about videocopilot?

  20. DJVarmian Avatar

    Ok, so. My smoother won't work. What is more, I have no "smoothing" option in the motion sketch. What is the problem?

  21. carlos delaorden Avatar

    I really hope you're getting a real compensation for this great job ! Keep it up, always !

  22. mustdi39 Avatar

    Can we motion sketch in a 3d layer ? thanks

  23. darkbawat Avatar

    I wish I was called The Smoother =P

  24. Suren Suraj Avatar

    ah said what what in the butt 😛

  25. Hussein el-minabbawi Avatar

    thank guys .. great tutorial 😉

  26. Ed Calças Avatar

    You are always saying Go ahead…
    Stop with that!! -.-"

  27. Jimmys QberxzR Avatar

    thnx these tutorials are the best keep up good work

  28. playerwild24 Avatar

    can u show us how to make a frame by frame schetch on adobe after affects , i looked for how to do it everywhere and i cant find it, yknow like drawing a stickfigure and make a cartoon , not like pivot…

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