After Effects Tutorial – 26 – Introduction to Cameras

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49 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 26 – Introduction to Cameras”

  1. Alibek Kulseitov Avatar


  2. IsrFur89 Avatar

    maybe i'm too late but try to go to the video line where you check the 3D icon, you have there an open down menu where it says None and open it and select Camera1

  3. serg Avatar

    my camera won't have any effects on the picture, even when I selected 3d

  4. Tal Moore Avatar

    Camera presets are lens sizes. 50mm is the normal viewing angle (i.e. the angle of the human eye). Anything less than 50mm is wide angle. Anymore more than 50mm is long angle. That's why less than 50mm looks zoomed out, while greater than 50mm looks zoomed in.

  5. fasicpicture Avatar

    30k didn't know to fix orientation…from last video…

  6. iNeglectedKnowledge Avatar

    Yeah, I noticed that xD But thank you anyway!

  7. Steef292 Avatar

    You didnt set 3d

  8. iNeglectedKnowledge Avatar

    Oh, I figured it out… I must have 3D option checked!

  9. iNeglectedKnowledge Avatar

    Anything I do with my camera doesn't effect the video… why?

  10. Heizen Tharani Avatar

    very nice explanation,keep going

  11. redii2klutch Avatar

    I must of missed how to keep the multiple views in sync mine do not play at the same time only updates when it's paused. I can probably look it up elsewhere but I'd appreciate it if you could share ty.

  12. Anas Shinati Avatar

    I can't stop laughing at 1:08

  13. sleethertheslayer Avatar

    Okay. So we have to say "When you ca…guh guh guh.. to open the camera thing.. lol

  14. roboboro Avatar

    this sh*t is AWESOME! I LOVE filming and this let you set all the basic cinematography stuff that you do on filming!!! I don't know why I wasted so much time with Flash….

  15. qoaa Avatar

    ah so this is how ufo hoax vids will do fake zooms where the scene is burry then the ufo comes into focus then the ufo goes blurry while the scene goes into focus hehe, love the tutorials!

  16. Rist Blu Avatar

    dude your tutorials crack me the hell up, i bet the guh guh guh was intentional, trying to act like you stutter. not too slick hahahaha

  17. Augustus Avatar

    Any help? When I select layer > new > camera, then press ok. I don't see the camera on the side of the composition I'm working on!

  18. Domino09x Avatar

    @Shovelware lol i guhed and i get 10 new cameras XD

  19. Aleksandar von Zimmer Avatar

    you guy rock. great tutorials – and make me laugh while learning stuff. perfect!!! thanks dude

  20. Jon Adams Avatar

    One question… what happened? "When you buh….guh…. guhguhguh was that supposed to open several camers or just one?

  21. Shovelware Avatar

    U said (and I quote) "uh…a–when you–ca–guh guh guh guh– when you do that…a canera pops up in ur layer panel.". Well I tried the "a–guh guh guh guh" part….but the camera layer is not showing?!?! Can u help me please? XD

  22. ArtMediaStudio Jagodina Avatar

    Just one question.How do I calculate the value of focus distance? Is there any way i can calculate it or just visually determine it? For example Buki said that focus distance is 1200 and his face is in focus and everything else is blurred.But how did we got to that value ( 1200 ) ? If for example i want his face to be blurred and the monitor screen behind him to be in focus how do I calculate that? I hope that I was clear enough and I think that this is main thing that is missing in this tutora

  23. Karel S. Avatar

    @RevertedxReality Go ahead and SHUT UP.

  24. Chilibilly Yo Avatar

    i did ca guh guh guh but nothing happened @_@

  25. MGApcDev Avatar

    don't worry it all make sence to me…. kind of 🙂

  26. Denny Hostutler Avatar

    lol @ 1:08 But seriously nice videos from you. I have learned a lot by watching you. Thanks for all your tutorials.

  27. Brian Avatar

    great tutorials, only thing is you move the cursor around excessively and it distracts from what you are point at

  28. mrvNStudios Avatar

    1:08 awesome :D:D

  29. Christopher Drummond Avatar

    If Anybody doesn't see any change when you change MM it because you have to select your layer then go to the menu and select Layer>3D Layer.

  30. vendictive18 Avatar

    i like the way you say camera.idk why..

  31. AIgrim Avatar

    @TechnoKira, He may be joking or may actually stutter so show some respect :p Great tutorial and I never knew you stuttered. Anyways, you're doing great, thenewboston.

  32. Kujikikun Avatar

    I was LOLing at 1:08 haha! that was epic xD

  33. Jaine San Antonio Avatar

    he can be using Camtasia which is the best or you can get cheap shit like Fraps

  34. Admeralsarms Avatar

    stutter butter LOL j/k love your tutorials 😀

  35. rushxp Avatar

    Camtasia Studio

  36. Noble Valerian Avatar

    Yeah, I said that at 2AM this morning after watching the first 23…

  37. Geschaafdekaas Avatar

    yay i have the same monitor as you on the compesition xD

  38. Joseph Delgado Avatar

    g, g, g, g, g, g, g, g , go go go. lolz 😀

  39. Иван Боюклиев Avatar

    lol'd at 1:07 😀 good tut's

  40. lord3zz Avatar

    i watched 10 toturails with some testing
    i think it's time to have a rest & go 2 sleeep

  41. macrador Avatar

    well this really helps because i'm really new to it

  42. Adriaan Buurke Avatar

    Nice tutorials! Been following them all, good teaching 🙂

  43. UKTVIDENT Avatar

    1st reply to the 1st reply to 1st comment

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