After Effects Tutorial – 28 – Basic Lighting

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39 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 28 – Basic Lighting”

  1. Sir.NuggetZore Avatar

    it happened to me too but then I realized I didn't put the video on 3D

  2. VJ Klips Avatar

    this is my fav part of all your tutorials

  3. mark pope Avatar

    I have CS6 and my light is not working and yes all layers are 3D cube. Any suggestions?

  4. Aaron Massengill Avatar

    can you make the spotlight square?

  5. Foghorn Films Avatar

    have you selected the 3D check box?

  6. draineme Avatar

    coz color correction is flat

  7. kakalater Avatar

    😀 Thank you so muchhhh! ^^ Ur tutorials are the best best best!

  8. serg Avatar

    Help guys, I have been following all his steps but the lights doesn't take any effects at all. Many thanks in advance.

  9. tiibac Avatar

    A very broith loight!

  10. LeeJayAnimation Avatar

    You look like Vinny from Jersey Shore.

  11. Mio Avatar

    Why not some color correction?

  12. Daniel Caspiani Adl Avatar

    no ofense but the way you say light really iratates me

  13. wardyboy26 Avatar

    "super mega tanning LOIYT LOIYTS" LMFAO!!

    good tutorial though thanks.

  14. CorpsicleBand Avatar

    sometimes it helps to put the light source in a similar position as the light source in your clip

  15. 02clash Avatar

    Loving lightings because of this video :]

  16. roboboro Avatar

    heeeeeeey but it doesn't create shadows

  17. roboboro Avatar


  18. Dorin Ilie Radu Avatar

    correction : ,,after effects tutorial – 28 – basic loyting"

  19. ZedHead101 Avatar

    @Honestinwilkesbarre u mad?

  20. Honestinwilkesbarre Avatar

    @OnCall101Villa I'm pretty sure you have some regional pronunciations we could make fun of. Perhaps even some ethnically based intentional mispronunciations and out right misuse of words.

  21. C Jackson Avatar

    best teacher ,simple and effective -easy to understand …I subbed you

  22. Suren Suraj Avatar

    u say light funny 🙂

  23. RebelRolly Avatar

    very good you are gbest men

  24. dmaff06 Avatar

    is there any setting i need to put in order to make the light show up? when i at layer light is does not change anything

  25. TheDJRockstar1 Avatar

    @Girlyskater95 Check his Tutorial number 23, 24 and 25

  26. Girlyskater95 Avatar

    i have cs4 and i dont know how to make it a 3d image :/ if you know how could you please reply

  27. raicho20 Avatar

    Imma make a nightvision type of light now! Awsome. Thanks!

  28. Andreea Magdalina Avatar

    dude, you should make a tutorial for photoshop as well, there's only crap out there. a nicely structured one like what you're doing with after effects will save lives. congrats, in another life you must either have been jesus or a turtle.

  29. Begad Morsi Avatar

    thumbs up if you came here for a "lightNing tutorial video" and didnt know what's he doing for half the video

  30. xLadyRoykax Avatar

    smth distracts me xD.. can't focus on tutorial ;p

  31. lockdown6234 Avatar

    6 people have no idea what loyits are…

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