After Effects Tutorial – 31 – Moving Text Along a Path

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25 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 31 – Moving Text Along a Path”

  1. Lexx Andera Avatar

    In the video the text is ON the path. When I draw a path it is UNDER the path. I can't figure out how to move the Text from UNDER the path ONTO the path. It is driving me crazy and I watched 20 tutorials already. anybody help, pleeeeez 🙂 (reverse Path does not help)

  2. pop out tuts Avatar

    typos for good looks

  3. penguinYT1 Avatar

    Thanks, that was cool!

  4. Alex Frank Okeoma Avatar

    keep on doing the good work..

  5. Miranda N Avatar

    This is sopm,e awesome tutorial.

  6. UncleCom Avatar

    Cool lesson for real applying =3

  7. Amanda Tabbah Avatar

    ddoes this only work on cs5 ? because i have cs6 and I cant find Mask 1 in path options :S

  8. bumrucker311 Avatar

    Did somebody say RotoBrazier?

  9. San Diego Studios Avatar

    The people who "dislike" this video are those who cannot tie their shoes. Seriously, why "dislike" an educational video like this?

  10. Unpolarize Avatar

    How would you do this with a picture?

  11. remco van duijkeren Avatar

    someone is getting horny at 3.17

  12. Tracy Haynes Avatar

    Hey New Boston – very helpful as always. Thanks!

  13. Malik Irum Avatar

    cant thank you enough – mde my life easy

  14. Denny Avatar

    Hello, I cant seem to find the path options after i followed your steps? What can I do?


  15. Sonata Avatar

    Every time i change the Font Style… some of it crashes my After effect and D:

  16. Thomas Valenzuela Avatar

    ill make a video for you!

  17. Cylowatt Avatar

    Is there any way to do it with other layers, not only text ones? For example if I wanted to take nice looking arrow, and make it bend and move along the mask path?

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