AJAX Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to AJAX

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26 responses to “AJAX Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to AJAX”

  1. נמרוד ינאי Avatar

    You should do better quality videos. 360p is unwatchable.

  2. khanh Oit Avatar

    the quality is very bad i don't see

  3. Rhys Copperthwaite Avatar

    is there a place i can find the source code for this? i looked on your github and couldn't find it !

  4. Steve Burrus Avatar

    Biucky you made this particular video way back in early 2013 and it's now early in 2017! Haven't you made a newer version of your Ajax tutorial?

  5. faho0ody wbas Avatar

    what the heck are you saying

  6. Xiaoling Fan Avatar

    Bucky, the courses taught by the British accented gentlemen(not sure one or two different
    instructors) are as good as yours…I am sorry to say this… no intention to be rude…

  7. Royal Gopal Avatar

    i like the way you teach and i am keen to learn ajax. But the code is not working in my computer. what may be the problem? and how should get more information about it?

  8. Xingyu Bian Avatar

    Where do you find the source code

  9. Md Riasath Arif Prodhan Avatar

    I try to find the source code in this tutorial on github but fail to find .
    Any body has the link ?

  10. Mark Rankin Avatar

    > that third comment

  11. Rocky Balboa Avatar

    Thomas has a small dick…WTF

  12. Agent Smidt Avatar

    Now I know who invented the Internet …Martin Luther King. You learn something on YouTube everyday.

  13. Tangeni M. Shikomba Avatar

    Thanx for the tutorials, however please try to comeback and complete what you just started!

  14. Subhadarshi Samal Avatar

    your C++ and JAVA tutorials are good enough to make me follow your AJAX tutorial. 🙂

  15. 林朗新 PHLLY Avatar

    BUCKKYYYY what a beast
    saved my life

  16. Mazhar MIK Avatar

    i need tutorial videos for XML

  17. icancto Avatar

    Did Kathy date you?

  18. Phurbos Avatar

    skip to tutorial 2

  19. Coldmow Avatar

    Daam it's great to hear your voice again.
    I absolutely love your teachings.
    PLEAEAEASE keep it up 🙂
    Jazaak Allah Kheir (May the Maker reward you with more)

  20. Oyedele Segunfunmi Avatar

    Please can someone help me out with my project..i created a a social page where different users can like other's comment by clicking on the like button and the number of likes each message gets is displayed.. i created a table in my database called "likes" with "user_id" column to store each user id, "likes_" to add 1 to the likes, "msgID" to sotre each message liked and "total_likes" which is the total number of likes each message gets. Can someone help me with the Ajax code for this to work so that whenever a user likes a message or comment, the total number of likes of that message is displayed without the page reload..something like.. Likes(20) where 20 represent the total_likes? Thank you @thenewboston

  21. Veloco Raptor Avatar

    Francis seems like a pretty good program so far.

  22. Digital Scope Avatar

    From where i can get the complete code. it's not available in your given link

  23. John Smith Avatar

    Bucky you are a fucking thief! You stole this exact example AND EXACT CODE from the book Building Responsive Web Applications: AJAX and PHP by Cristian Darie! You are profiting off of other peoples work without giving them any credit and calling their work your own. That plagiarism! Unsubscribed.

  24. Luis S. Avatar

    This is also fixes the problems with cache that is being stored in peoples browsers

  25. Lendel Galyna Avatar

    Грегори Вудвордз – ХУЙ СОСИ!

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