AJAX Tutorial – 20 – Sweet Dynamic HTML Program

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31 responses to “AJAX Tutorial – 20 – Sweet Dynamic HTML Program”

  1. Govind Rai Avatar

    misleading… no ajax in past couple of tutorials at all..

  2. muhammad khan Avatar

    can you explain the function of like button

  3. Leave the Matrix Avatar

    So what have the last 8 videos had to do with ajax?

  4. Nick Hersheys Avatar

    Just wondering, can you create to css files dude.css and chick.css and when you click the buttons, trigger the javascript functions and change the script line in the head part of the html file. HA HA ! Let me see <HEAD> is an element. So <LINK> is a child element. Change the href part of it? I'm just messing around for the kick of it. Will be interesting to try it 🙂

  5. Ali Haider Avatar

    can we use Ajax in html ?? (Original Ajax not like that) ???

  6. nexornator Avatar

    That was awesome dude!, you should be the new era of teachers!!

  7. mahdi azarm Avatar

    damn this guy is gonna to learn us java script but i don't know what the hell is the reason that he named this tutorial ajax tutorial .

  8. Geomaverick124 Avatar

    Is there a way to display the data as links instead of just text?

  9. Kadiah Zaman Avatar

    That's a wow easy rich code,,, thanx buddy.

  10. Fuzzie Avatar

    I believe it's chopstick and not chapstick.

  11. Jonathan Hilfiker Avatar

    he never gave the table an id, so I gave it an id of table and it worked. ?!?

  12. Jonathan Hilfiker Avatar

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'className' of null

  13. dudekiwi Avatar

    Bucky excellent dude1

  14. Squishycoast Avatar

    Have you thought about making some assembly language or computer architecture tutorials?

  15. Manju Prasad Avatar

    can you make a video about C programming

  16. oblivion5683 Avatar

    bucky… i hate to be like this. but your a tad sexist.

  17. bruteabaga Avatar

    I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY

  18. darkenraja Avatar

    I have no idea what any of this is, but I'm still watching it. I think I just like the sound of Bucky's voice.

  19. Chris Mulligan Avatar

    Nice tutorials, helped a lot. I think I'd be okay working it out, but I think it might be worth showing some database data pulls too. Now I have to find another tutorial to keep me busy haha.

  20. PeterLakeTV Avatar

    Loving the new Ajax tutorials Bucky 🙂

  21. Toon M Avatar

    Yeah, that's true.
    It is also in Beta ver. and they released today new version 3.0 which you can get just if you are registered (you paid for it) so… Notepad++ is still "the best" program for free.
    But I currently using SB cause its more comfortable for me to use and it just sometimes when you save a file pop up a dialog to offer to purchase a license. So yeah… and LiveReload is for free.
    Btw. I almost forgot, nice video 🙂

  22. Mark Christoper Vizcarra Avatar

    Can't wait for the next videos.

  23. FsvMoTioNzZ Avatar

    loving this video series man. keep it up. ^^

  24. madhushankarox Avatar

    This is easy using css like:

    table.dudeTable {dude css}

    table.dudeTable th{dude css}

    table.chickTable {dude css}

    and changing the main table class like:

    function dude(){ table = document.getElementByID('table­'); table.className = 'dudeTable'; }

    function cick(){ table = document.getElementByID('table­'); table.className = 'chickTable'; }

  25. Jmac217 Avatar

    Much love Bucky.

  26. Debendra Samal Avatar

    very useful tutorial… thanks bucky.

  27. Sharp Tooth Avatar

    notepadd++ is free?and cool.Though very good sublime text is free to try but you have to purchase a license.

  28. Yuriy Soltys Avatar

    thanx! English not my first language but I understand every word that you said!
    really cool tutorials and really cool pronouncing that allows me hear what you said!

  29. Toon M Avatar

    Man, did you hear about program "Sublime Text 2" and extension called "LiveReload"? These are very useful tools 🙂 Or is there a reason why you prefer to use Notepad++?

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