AJAX Tutorial – 3 – Creating the Beautiful User Interface

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20 responses to “AJAX Tutorial – 3 – Creating the Beautiful User Interface”

  1. Ric Sim Avatar

    Hey I am watching in 2018

  2. red cat Avatar

    You said javascript files are on user's computer?
    How is that possible ?

  3. enakpo penawou Avatar

    Did you import jquery library?

  4. Ketalis NewLife Avatar

    I like your sense of humor! And the tutorial of course. Kudos!

  5. i got used to that Avatar

    can someone tell me how can i make a post private or public ?

  6. Surya Krishnan Avatar

    500$ for a website like that ? XD You retard !!! 😛

  7. Hiếu Trương Avatar

    I had learnt videos of you from 2014 .I did not know anything about creating website.Now 2017 . I had become a web developer for small company."Web developer" At least.I thought myself like that.Thanks

  8. Johnny - JSP Avatar

    "People would pay a designer $500 for a page this beautiful." Foxtrot Oscar! Not even Americans can surely be that dumb and gullible? Or maybe they are? And 'div' elements are NOT self-closing!

    Everything else you said was great … and I subscribed early on!

  9. Joe Antonelli Avatar

    'ohhhh…they got the loaf.'

  10. Jap Jap Avatar

    why div does not have an ending tag? </div>?

  11. Prince Sease Avatar

    Bucky loves tuna and bacon

  12. RNT GM Avatar

    -thx for the vid.
    -dude pls re make the video 360p in 2016.

  13. Paweł B Avatar

    "Because you know, this is like you would pay a web designer 500$ to design a webpage this beautiful" made my day 😀 haha

  14. Zhōu yǔ Qiáo Avatar

    Weird, I've never seen a div closed that way.

  15. Aid Thompsin Avatar

    "I'm actually wearing a poncho i got in Mexico, right now…"

    Hahaha, LOVING the idea of this hungover, codey, geeky bastard that's just got back from wilin' out in Mexico, done a dodgy drug deal and escaped, stumbled back into his UCLA dorm room like "Well that was a crazy summer. ANYWAY back to my Javascript."

  16. Phurbos Avatar

    coding doesn't start till 2:47

  17. AstralDimensions Avatar

    Hi mr thenewboston, I just subscribed because your explanation is really clear and I want to learn from you. Just one question… Could you please use a higher resolution for your video's? My eyes hurt after a while. Thank you and keep up the good job!

  18. Steven Garcia Avatar

    //you're funny in this tutorial 🙂

  19. eunice ruiz Avatar

    what editor are you using? is this notepad++?

  20. anuraag advani Avatar

    Can som1 help me in running ajax with iis?

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