AJAX Tutorial – 8 – Sending Requests to the Server

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36 responses to “AJAX Tutorial – 8 – Sending Requests to the Server”

  1. hama saadwn Avatar

    does this tutorial help java ee(Spring mvc) developer ?

  2. Abhinab Rajopadhyaya Avatar

    can you stop saying basically?? 😀 anyway you are awesome..

  3. Vignesh Ashok Avatar

    great tutorial maan

  4. Milan Okiljevic Avatar

    why handleServerResponse on line 30 have no brackets if it is a function?

  5. Kanwal Gill Avatar

    plz explain, why there is no variable declaration before 'food' and 'message'. isn't it should be var food?

  6. Kyle Bamping Avatar

    Bucky is one of the coolest Youtubers man . . You sound like such a cool dude, big ups to you bro! Keep on making these awesome tutorials man..

  7. Majestic Barrack Avatar

    there are too meany things you want to talk about later on :O

  8. Burak Kartal Avatar

    this is what i hate most, about tutorials.
    they write some code and say : "lets just write this right here and don`t question what it is…"
    then when you want to make something different on your own. and get error
    you research the error for about 1 – 2 hours and realise that "dont question" part is what was wrong..

  9. Competitiveforlolz Avatar

    The 3 things you need: 1 create the object for communication, 2 create function to communicate with server, 3 function to apply the requested change to the page. Typing helps to memo.

  10. gaurav mishra Avatar

    what if my php file is on some other server? can I call it like http://hostname/phpfile

  11. Michael Rivera Avatar

    how do i send several data ?

  12. Martin Farragher Avatar

    how do you create a second ajax response? do you just copy process() and change the name?

  13. TheRoxas13th Avatar

    I enjoy every video so far. Nice explanation and everything is covered up nicely. Well done bucky!

  14. digital111x Avatar

    you got nothin' on vim

  15. Bart Sprengelmeijer Avatar

    well you don't have to pay anything, but once in a while a message pops up saying it's an unpaid version

  16. Bob Grizzly Avatar

    not really freeware though, is it

  17. Jason Collier Avatar

    I like the free version of Komodo Edit a lot.

  18. Bart Sprengelmeijer Avatar

    sublime text 2 is much better

  19. yusexp Avatar

    bucky you're absolutly great!!

  20. yusexp Avatar

    sumblime text 2 with emmet plugin an a lot of more…

  21. Rami Jamleh Avatar

    i use $.ajax

    its recommended in order not to think of these issues

  22. PHP Java Coder Avatar

    Komodo Edit also works

  23. Rob C Avatar

    thank you, just downloaded and works good

  24. Bakang Victor Keakantse Avatar

    yeah there is,, "netbeans"!! the most complete IDE ever..

  25. Rob C Avatar

    I noticed tha Bucky said he wished that stuff popped up, is there any IDE environment like Eclipse that we can use for (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)??? it would be so helpful

  26. dirtyweasel Avatar

    why doesnt he put brackets after handleServerResponse if its a function, is that correct syntax ?

  27. kumeek Avatar

    setTimeout is not supposed to be used with string literals, because they are evaluated like eval(), instead you can give name of the function
    setTimeout(process, 10);
    or use anonymous function
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 10);

  28. Amaury Ayala Avatar

    Are you mad bro? i'm jut stating my opinion, information is free,we are anonymous

  29. Braden Best Avatar

    Isn't Alex the English dude from PHP academy? He's not boring…

  30. SmithsRichard Avatar

    fuck off bitch. Alex is as awesome as bucky. He explained jQuery and PHP so well.

  31. A9 Modi Avatar

    1:23 – wish that stuff pop up? lol
    Press – ctrl + space
    works for notepad++ or for any other IDEs (like eclipse or spring source)
    Thanks bucky for these amazing series 🙂

  32. Amaury Ayala Avatar

    bucky has humor,alex is just the same as going to college XD

  33. gamerzactionable Avatar

    thanks to you in the past month i have learned 5 different languages

  34. BobR3gal Avatar

    Best spam of videos to wake up to 😀

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