All Things UICollectionView Series Pt 3 – Custom Collection View Cell

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7 responses to “All Things UICollectionView Series Pt 3 – Custom Collection View Cell”

  1. Steve Ding Avatar

    Man, your codes have Stanford CS193P signature all over them!!!

  2. Safwat Nazeer Avatar

    Thank you. I wonder where is the rest of the videos to complete the collection view series??

  3. fabricio aguiar Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorial…
    i made in objC, 99% works, i have one problem in layout… how can I translate this line for OjbC.

    let width = (CGRectGetWidth(collectionView!.frame) – leftAndRightPaddings) / numberOfItemsPerRow
    let layout = collectionViewLayout as! UICollectionViewFlowLayout
    layout.itemSize = CGSizeMake(width, width + heigthAdjustment)

    thaks man…

  4. Abid Ali Avatar

    i m new to IOS and today i have watched your video and i m stuck to the challenge

  5. amit saxena Avatar

    Thanks It help me alot , Can you please tell me how to create one section of collection view as Image slider with page controll horizontally , and rest section and grid formate .

  6. Richard Mao Avatar

    thanks a lot for putting together very informative video . I like it a lot !!

  7. Artem Sherbachuk Avatar

    Please make video how to make MODEL object. The concept, patterns or something else. Many people seek out video like that. Thanks Duc!)

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