All Things UICollectionView Series Pt 4 – Pass Data To WebView

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4 responses to “All Things UICollectionView Series Pt 4 – Pass Data To WebView”

  1. Lucas Gurgel Avatar

    Hi Duc, great content man. Hey, is it possible to send data to the UICollectionViewCell from another ViewController? If yes, how do you do it? I have a custom cell with a textview and a textfield in it. I've created another ViewController, also with a textview and a textfield, so the user cand send messages and sign their names. But how do I send that data to the cell, so it can populate the collectionview?

  2. Rubens Talatinian Avatar

    Hi Duc,

    Many people ask about the download sources. If you do not want to make available, please comment explicitly.

  3. Vladyslav Shyshkin Avatar

    I don't see a link to download webview. Can you add her, please?

  4. Jarol Sánchez Avatar

    can you show how to do that with two webview?


    we have a navigation controller…
    fisrtview is a webview1…. so, any link in webview1 open in a secondview (webview2) with a back button (navigaton bar)..

    I'll be very grateful!

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