Android App Development for Beginners – 1 – Introduction

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23 responses to “Android App Development for Beginners – 1 – Introduction”

  1. Roy Spector Avatar

    Very nice tutorial videos.
    I ran into an issue with right clicking in layout editor, and I can't really do anything because of it.

  2. hassan al khateeb Avatar

    hello , I think it is better to rename your video to "JDK" downloading and setup ,I see nothing about android app development tutorial

  3. Yasmin J Avatar

    A good introduction to Android app development.

  4. Davin Bogart Avatar

    It still surprises me, just how some people are not aware about Devomobiron Secrets (do a search on google), even though many people make their iphone apps idea into a reality with this tutorial. Thanks to my friend who told me about Devomobiron Secrets, I've start making some BIG Cash from the internet by selling my own made iphone apps.

  5. Wade Grimm Avatar

    I ran into this unique app development app called "Sketchware" and I have been looking around for decent tutorial videos for it but no luck and thought sense your tutorials are presented amazingly maybe see if you would consider doing a series on it.

  6. thiefofa1073 Avatar

    Great work and tutorial.

  7. journey to the knowledge Avatar

    Sir, tell about crack version of camtasia studio or any other crack video edditing software

  8. Linus Too Avatar

    cool lessons bucky, kindly make videos about laravel please!

  9. Abhishek Nagwanshi Avatar

    i got error does not point to a valid jvm point . I am using 32 bit

  10. My Lord Avatar

    any book that would be helpful along with these tutorials?

  11. Lokman02Naza Avatar

    I,m confused… He set the JAVA_HOME in user variable, but most of the website I google sad to set the java home in system variable and then you need to edit the path %JAVA_HOME%bin . Which one is correct and what is the difference???

  12. umer n Avatar

    I am a new YouTuber
    I need subscribers and views to boost my channel
    Please help

  13. James Yang Avatar

    hi may i know how about windows 10 ? i cant go to system setting

  14. realsc00ter Avatar

    Wait…. I'm leaning from the winter soldier??? I'm in

  15. Dreacot Avatar

    hey guys
    i just launched my android game
    please download and review

  16. Van Bayor Avatar

    This tutorial is during the Lollipop era. We have Android O now, can I still learn Android with this?

  17. shashuri Magrease Avatar

    Basics are always necessary for everyone, i'll recommend u take full 9 mins to watch this

  18. Efim Losev Avatar

    i absolutely enjoy your videos but Could i suggest to provide close captions and source codes?

  19. Mukesh Kumar Avatar

    I wanted to know that is it possible to enable/disable wifi hotspot in Android and to set the limits given by user like no. of users who can access hotspot, till how long they can access hotspot, how much data they can use, how to limit speed etc.
    Can we do these things, if yes, how?
    thank you in advance

  20. Jean-Charles LUC Avatar

    i've launched my app on the playstore, It's called "Pinso", may i have your review? or will you report me for spam D:

  21. ronken14 Avatar

    Is there a link where I can study all of the libraries used in android studio? I mean where did bucky first learn this? Where can i find what does what in android studio? I'm using android studio 2.3

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