Android App Development for Beginners – 67 – Custom Launcher Icon

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14 responses to “Android App Development for Beginners – 67 – Custom Launcher Icon”

  1. SphXCyprex Avatar

    Why does the picture it have to be 5.12 to 5.12?

  2. Lamar Pashto touch Avatar

    so nice and understandible tutor

  3. Tech Academy Avatar

    how To Add Ads In Android

  4. Pranay Kumar Avatar

    There is a better method to add icons. Just add it through new image asset

  5. AJ213 Avatar

    a hundred likes and no dislikes… YouTube record

  6. Al-Mothafar Al-Hasan Avatar

    The link for Android Asset Studio (i can't shorten the name with letters  😛 ) :

  7. Yale Femi Avatar

    SO far ; So Good! Thanks Buckie!

  8. xxBIGBIRDxx Avatar


  9. Issa Hame Avatar

    I like your new logo!

  10. silenthacker66 Avatar

    +thenewboston Bucky ? what took you so long? i missed you. Please tell me some stories i want to hear some 🙂 your voice is so warm (im not gay just a fan(a hueg one)) 

  11. MrCrayfish Avatar

    Yes! I love this series. Has helped me so much!

  12. Sam Dankberg Avatar

    So glad you are continuing this series. Thanks TheNewBoston!

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