Android App Development for Beginners – 8 – Basic Overview of an App

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25 responses to “Android App Development for Beginners – 8 – Basic Overview of an App”

  1. Karma Choedak Avatar

    finally Hello World Gone!

  2. Prashant Sawarwadkar Avatar

    How to change the layout from constraint to relative. pls help me out

  3. Arsen Fedayi Avatar

    If I try to place a widget it just gets stuck in the top left corner how would I fix this?

  4. American Citizen Avatar

    Excellent! Very helpful!

  5. sahithya kasiraju Avatar

    When I try to use the virtual device, it asks me to enable virtualization extension in BIOS menu. Even after enabling, it somehow shows the same. Can anyone help?

  6. Cavonbest Avatar

    This is very informative. I like it.

  7. Pankaj Verma Avatar

    activity main.xml doesnt shows colors in text.. just dark and light blue text ? whats the fix?

  8. Zach Wood Avatar

    in my component tree i'm not getting the same thing everyone else is. i am getting a tree called component layout. i dont know how to fix this, can someone please help?

  9. GAO Xiang2 Avatar

    set bakcround color doesnt work on android studio 2.3.1!!! tutorials are too outdated

  10. Majrbek K. Avatar

    -"There is another file I want to show you before I let you go"

    Oh, no. Bucky, don't let us go:(

  11. TheShockerKnocker Avatar

    I don't know HTML or XML, only Java :/

  12. sandeep singh Avatar

    You my friend is a good teacher. Not everyone have that kind art. AWESOME!

  13. Madhur Gupta Avatar

    Bucky please make tutorials on Xamarin

  14. Matt LeClerc Avatar

    I love this tutorial! Can anyone tell me if he touches on using the hardware to do stuff(Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope etc..

  15. Sohaib Khan Avatar

    bucky I wanna ask one thing that how can I change the colour of my top bar where My Applications is written?? is it change by the same way you did in the activity_main xml (android background=""), should I write this same code to manifest xml?

  16. Sujan Parajuli Avatar

    I have created my first game watching these tutorials! Please check it out:

  17. Jeffrey Shenh Avatar

    My favourite color is #00EEEE

  18. cixlo Avatar

    I love Bucky (No homo)

  19. Deepanshu Garg Avatar

    hi i am completely new to it and was follow your every step till now but after i got my avd i could not get hello world on it and also cannot change the text . can you guys help me.?

  20. Anand Krishnan Avatar

    My whole layout looks so different.

  21. Utsav Narang Avatar

    rendering problem coming,please tell me solution how can i resolve

  22. Lavy J Avatar

    mine doesnt have "component tree". Anyone help?

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