Android Application Development Tutorial – 103 – ProgressDialog and Correction

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28 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 103 – ProgressDialog and Correction”

  1. Suresh Moni Avatar

    Thanx Mr.Boston for a wonderful videos. When i click the load button, which showing the error. "Unfortunately the project has stopped. can you help me to overcome the error. Thanx for advance.

  2. Tyler5794 Avatar

    Set maximum… what? 100 what?

  3. Elvis Enyi Avatar

    why isn't progressbar loading with a color…pls anyone?

  4. Ronald de lange Avatar

    I had a problem that when I pressed the 'load' button it would work but if I then pressed 'save' and again tried to load the bar would show up and remain empty and the GC went in overdrive. I managed to solve it by changing the following code: "while ( != -1)" to ";". Hope this helps some people.

  5. Shivam Chopra Avatar

    Please anyone could tell me how to implement progress dialog on clicking of save button as well because I couldn't able to find out if save button is saving the data or not???

  6. edxooox Avatar

    progress bar not loading -> declare activity in manifest

  7. Barbe Rousse Avatar

    This is just sad. This isn't even multi thread!
    You simply call a method called do in back and thinks its on another thread!
    Have you fell on your head? Read a bit on the topic before teaching it wrong.
    You're supposed to call the execute method. This will make it on another thread,
    Auto call pre post execute and do in back…
    Sorry, I had to tell.. Thanks for less of the most part

  8. adnauseam23 Avatar

    I really enjoyed this tutorial although I gotta say — your methodology of demonstrating the use of a progress bar within an async task is divorced from it's actual usage. I think you called it "dubious". Do you cover it in full in another tutorial?

  9. ItsForke Avatar

    After spending days on reading issues about async tasks these three videos made me check it. Thanks!

  10. fxtrader Avatar

    The onProgressUpdate method is called after publishProgress(Progress…) is invoked.

    The onPostExecute method is a callback method that is automatically called by the thread itself as soon as the doInBackground method returns a result. You can get an overview about the methods by having a look at the description of the AsyncTask class on the android developer website

  11. Dark~Alex Avatar

    It works thanks

  12. Hesham A. Adel Avatar

    i wanna understand something
    how "onProgessUpdate" and "onPostExecute" are executed without being called ??!!!!!

  13. Suresh Michael Peiris Avatar

    This one is little bit hard

  14. exterMEANator Avatar

    I'm not sure, as I'm yet not familiar with Android SDK completely, but the point of this is to show how the data flows from different objects. I imagine if we were to save the data permanently, we'd need a local variable, not to save it cache memory, as it is, presumably being done here. Writing in that local file that would hold the data and setting the load button to read the local file should be some pretty basic stuff.

  15. Idiots' Nightmare Avatar

    would have taken me a week to figure that out… thanks for the heads up!

  16. Athanasios Moutsioulis Avatar

    when app start and press load then it works.After if you save and press again load the it progress bar is stacked.

  17. faiz halde Avatar

    MODE_PRIVATE creates the file for only that instance of activity .. once the activity / application is closed, the file is deleted for the most part ! Instead use MODE_APPEND 🙂

  18. JK K Avatar

    add ";" into the onProgressUpdate(Integer…pro­gress) method.

  19. Kisuke Urahara Avatar

    did you fix onProgressUpdateD to onProgressUpdate? 🙂 without the 'D'

  20. Kisuke Urahara Avatar

    Try changing MODE_PRIVATE to MODE_APPEND when initializing 'fos' in the onCreate()/setVariables()

  21. Thelars3n Avatar

    Is it just for me or can't we save data when we close the App or just go back to "Menu" like we could with the Preferences?
    So if we enter something -> Save -> Load -> the entered stuff appears but if we then close the app, restart and press Load nothing appears is that right?

  22. tashfrja Avatar

    If i click the load button first the progress bar worked just fine. However when I proceed to save a data then load it the progress bar comes up but it does nothing. It does not increment or anything. it stuck at zero. Any suggestions??

  23. Bill Sprigs Avatar

    Finally a for loop!

  24. Difot Treći Avatar

    You have update ;aifest and main activity

  25. Guus Toussaint Avatar

    88 thats the age of his grandma 🙂

  26. VEGETADTX Avatar

    Oh, ok, that the makes sense now 🙂 Thank you!!! 🙂

  27. Daniel Fazio Avatar

    Yes it's just to be tasted, in fact it make the progress bar load and then it do all the stuff.
    I dont know but i guess that technically we should incread the progress bar every 2 or 3 lines ofr example so we wait while the code goes on

  28. VEGETADTX Avatar

    This is the first Travis' tutorial that I just plain don't get 🙁

    Aside from the fact that I don't get the whole AsyncTask class thing and its life cycle at all(for now I'll just look at it – "it is the way it is and I should just remember it and not think too much about why is it like that")…but why do you put publishProgress() in a random for loop? Are we just testing a progress bar to see how it looks? Or is it actually in sync with loading process?

    Answers would be appreciated!!!

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