Android Application Development Tutorial – 106 – OnItemSelected and File Directories

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9 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 106 – OnItemSelected and File Directories”

  1. Anony Mous Avatar

    damt , i can't express how much i luv u bucky 😀 , never watched a toturial of urs about anything to get things done and switched to another one

  2. Edmond Hasanaj Avatar

    Very good tutorials

  3. Sergio Rinaudo Avatar

    Hello, thanks for the tutorial.. I have some problem with spinners, onItemSelectedListener seems not to be triggered. The spinner is correctly hydrated but it is not possible to select a voice from the list, do anybody know why? Tested on emulator and real samsung galaxy note device. Thanks!

  4. WyrmHeroBlade Avatar

    arg1 in onItemSelected can use switch case

  5. boogerhead0 Avatar

    Well described, thanks.

  6. DRchipmunksam Avatar

    You don't have to set an integer to get the item selected, instead you can do a switch statement on the parameter arg2, which is the position number of the user's selection on the spinner.

  7. david3165 Avatar

    @ShadowSky24 Yes this is for API 8

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