Android Application Development Tutorial – 135 – Compass and Map Controller

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12 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 135 – Compass and Map Controller”

  1. danar nugroho Avatar

    i build maps on googlemaps V2, the "MapView" always show errors. and i read on, tell me that any new code add in the activity layout. that was "MapFragment" but it doesn't work, there still show me errors. do you have any reference for me about the problem? actually i need the compass programmng too. thanks dude

  2. revolverkid91 Avatar

    maybe 20 seconds but say if they are close. Im thinking of developing a mapping system based on my uni and if rooms are close to each other it may not be accurate.

  3. revolverkid91 Avatar

    hi does anyone know how accurate longitude and latitude is. say for example if have two different locations which say are 5 seconds in walking difference would they have a different longitude and latitude?

  4. Kristian Thaulow Avatar

    I also get a black screen using the emulator, but it's working fine on my phone.

  5. MrKitt89 Avatar

    Hi, I also had the same problem with the Google API level 8. When I run the application it only shows a black screen and nothing happens. But the problem solved when I used the Google API level 10.
    And Thanks Travis, for the great work you do. Thanks a lot.

  6. Erik Graul Avatar

    Have you figured out anything on this? I seen one thing he didn't say, and thats long comes before lat. The 51643234 is longitude 7848593 is latitude. He has it set up like this (51643234, 7848593)… But even when i try putting in my long, lat it acts like its going to show up, then goes to the black screen with GoogleMaps logo at the bottom… If you figured out what the problem is let us all know.

  7. DRV Games Avatar

    Same problem. Start working after emulator reload.

  8. HellFireno88 Avatar

    I'm also stuck with the black screen!..

  9. MrE Avatar


    Have u fixed the problem? i need help!

  10. ghnhg ghhgg Avatar

    i also got same problem as your..
    Travis .. please help.. T_T

    i really need something like you shows on tutorial 144.
    but, i stuck at this tutorial.. so i can't go on..

    please help ..

  11. Mark Bosshard Avatar

    For whatever Reason I only get a black screen instead of maps after setting up those onResume and onPause methods -.-

  12. joseph magtoto Avatar

    Thanks Travis for the MAP and GPS related tutorials. I followed your 130+ tuts for these 🙂

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