Android Application Development Tutorial – 160 – Creating a Widget receiver

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14 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 160 – Creating a Widget receiver”

  1. Jeremy DeHay Avatar

    Just wanted to say I've been racking my brain for two days going over and over these tutorials just trying to get my widget on the widget list.  Let me just say it's kind of important to make sure you spell EVERYTHING correctly in the manifest, since it apparently doesn't show an error if you misspell something within quotes…

    Like if you were to type this:
    instead of this:

  2. No_Name Avatar

    again Travis… complicated made easy…

  3. Kuba Ignalewski Avatar

    for some reason this widget tutorial didn't work for me, but i found another one. Works great for me. Like this so newcomers could see this. vogella (dot) com/articles/AndroidWidgets/article.html

  4. LGNEWS Avatar

    I actually have a really good idea about a game, about fruits, I told my friends and they said that I should work on it. but I don't know how to. it will be cool to know someone that knows exactly how to make professional apps.

  5. Pewlabs Avatar

    Anyone know how to do something when i press the button>????

  6. Alex Chaplianka Avatar

    How can I use graphics in widget? I have created an unique watch app I didnt think making it a widget would be so diffrent and I have used OurViews with canvas how can i use that with widgets?

  7. Faustodc Avatar

    so… bucky is in holiday or something like that? :/

  8. Dmitry Makovetskiy Avatar

    thanks man, I will watch all your vids these Saturday

  9. LeftPlay Avatar

    @CockatooFilms whoa.. same voice lol, thanks 🙂

  10. Marijn Konings Avatar

    @crashowerride This isn't bucky read the description :P.

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