Android Application Development Tutorial – 171 – OpenGl 2D vertices

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13 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 171 – OpenGl 2D vertices”

  1. Zach Goethel Avatar

    I have done a lot of LWJGL.  The only problem is I didn't know OpenGL ES…

  2. y0c0vc Avatar

    As far as I know better define vertices counter clock wise so OpenGL can automatically set the correct normals and culling becomes much easier task to accomplish

  3. Milan Sobota Avatar

    is this opengl es 2.0?

  4. Bultmus Avatar

    thank you travis you are amazing, and all those good stuff! :p

  5. Arthur Hakhverdian Avatar

    After I scan my computer for viruses I will install a couple of antenas on my roof and while I'm up there I will use my telescope to observes a few nebulas.

  6. jermainefr Avatar

    Singular is 'Vertex', like 'matrix'. Plural is 'vertices', like 'matrices'.

  7. Russell Greene Avatar

    Multi dimensional array, please

  8. rkanters123 Avatar

    private variables restrict the extension of your class. if you'd want to allow other other classes to build upon your class, consider using protected privacy

  9. Herp Derpingson Avatar

    You should have created a 2D array called vertices

  10. Herp Derpingson Avatar

    @StarlingTandava singular vertex plural vertices or vertexes

  11. Platonism/neoplatonism lectures Avatar

    "A verticé" is actually called a vertex.

  12. robbielosee Avatar

    Yay Blender!
    (p.s. It doesn't matter for the sake of this tutorial, but Y-axis is designated by a green arrow in Blender – blue is Z-axis.)

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