Android Application Development Tutorial – 3 – Installing Android SDK and Set up Emulator

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49 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 3 – Installing Android SDK and Set up Emulator”

  1. Torie Young Avatar

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  2. teju roshan123 Avatar

    can u pls send me the link to download android sdk

  3. 1ma4ighter Avatar

    at the "accept aaall! instaall! what's up gangsterrr?"

    I was like: (0_0) . . . te fuck? (PS: I grew up in the ghetto, not american though)

  4. anusha rao Avatar

    can u pls share the link from where u got sdk..? cos when i search its directed to android studio.. i want to do it in eclipse i need sdk…

  5. Evgeniy Mart Avatar Mobile Development channel. Join us!

  6. Sethu Krishnan Avatar

    I couldn't find Android under Preferences in Eclipse in windows 7 32 bit.
    What should I do?
    Someone please help me.

  7. Lars Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorials thenewboston!
    I could develop the above app with your videos (watched all 200) and some help of
    Thank you!

  8. qwerty Avatar

    tutorials about material design please

  9. KJ AK Avatar

    This android SDK is a headache !

  10. deep dalvi Avatar

    Can anyone plz help he out
    i have a smartphone with android version 4.4.4
    and while installing packages there is no option for android 4.4.4 except that all other higher and lower version are avaliable. Which version should i choose ????
    and will it work on 4.4.4..???

  11. Shreyas Waghmare Avatar

    Can you please update the necessary videos to include android studio features which differ significantly from eclipse. Please.

  12. Shubham Singhal Avatar

    I have Windows 8.1 OS
    when i run the SDK Manager file i get a totally different interface (titled Android SDK Manager) than what is shown and it starts downloading packages itself and then displays two errors –

     – Failed to fetch URL, reason: Connection to refused

     – Failed to fetch URL, reason: HttpHostConnect Connection to refused

    And i am not able to find the Available Packages option. Please help.

  13. ShapeShooter Avatar

    Hey guys, this tutorial helped in making an app. A big thanks to the guys who helped in teaching this. You can check out the app made with this link:

    The app maybe similar to something you have played,your job here, is to tap on the screen so that the bird doesn't hit anything.

  14. Ashutosh Kumar Avatar

    i am unable to get to the android sdk download website that you have visited

  15. Dyllan Usher Avatar

    Many people are complaining about the age of the videos, keep in mind that this is a 200 video long playlist. That's a lot of work. What do you want him to do, remake all 200 videos every time an update comes out? this tutorial gets your feet in the water and provides support on your journey through android dev. We should all be very thankful that he has put the time into this!:) THANKS!!

  16. Keegan Fargher Avatar

    If I had a dollar for everytime you said "basically"…

  17. Tin Švagelj Avatar

    Why in this world would you use Eclipse over IntelliJ IDEA based (already set up) Android IDE. I would like to hear a reason. (Sorry for sounding like a jerk)

  18. Kingpin Avatar

    I wasn't able to use eclipse either. Using Android studio

  19. Kingpin Avatar

    so was I not supposed to get the android studio package?

  20. 林苏 Avatar

    Subtítulos no instale los dos primeros títulos de esta serie no tiene

  21. Chris Pickert Avatar

    insane the API levels are 20+ now

  22. Kunal Parikh Avatar

    i am getting the same problem as @samer hameed..i too searched for the solution but neither of them worked…I am not able too open sdk manager…when i try open it….a command propt screen flashes for a second and nothing happens…please help

  23. Torrtuga Nooh Avatar

    Mine has just Android SDK manager and not the Virtual Device option in it. Where to get it?

  24. rahul sonwanshi Avatar

    this guy is nice…..
    i want to be developer…..
    just keep watching

  25. George Yovchev Avatar

    These tuts are the best in the Internet…

  26. Thomas Szpak Avatar

    when i try to create the virtual device, under the AVD Name it is also asking about the device. What should I choose? there is a ton of them and not all of them support each version of android

  27. Fraser Angus Avatar

    you forgot about linux… :'(

  28. 020Louise Avatar

    The site has changed. Where can I find "installer_r11-windows .exe"?

  29. rsvimadalal Avatar

    Hi Travis ,I know basic/intermediate level of Java i.e.Arrays,loops,switch,if,etc I have a basic idea of class and object..will I be able to manage this course or do i need some prerequisites

  30. Chris Poulter Avatar

    Umm…Accept All maybe fine for the Android ADK but NOT for all software, especially on Windows…

  31. lau larsen Avatar

    where do i find the third party ad-ons ? im on windows ?

  32. Ali M. Khatib Avatar

    how i can do it???

    Android Repository
      -Failed to validate the XML for the respository at URL …
      -No Packages Found

  33. Geoff Smith Avatar

    Useless, contrates too much on Mac, forgets about windows, bring back Bucky

  34. Arpit Modi Avatar

    Just downloaded SDK, but while creating a new AVD, ok button is not appearing. This message is showing in AVD manager "an android virtual device that failed to load. Click 'Details' to see the error". Now im not even able to open the details as the details button is also not appearing to use. Please advice what to do

  35. Lokesh Nayak Avatar

    sdk platform android 2.2 and google api 2.2 works 

  36. Vishal Goel Avatar

    Extremely entertaining agreements 😀

  37. Lokesh Nayak Avatar

    in packages i installed SDK platform android 4.4.2 API 19 and google API 19 then when i was creating AVD i selected nexus(device) and atlast i hit OK but it wasn't created.
    i got windows 64bit

  38. SkiBaBopDiBop Avatar

    So should you just get the newest API level?

  39. sal joe Avatar

    I have a problem with the Android SDK manager: whenever I try and install an Android sdk version it looks like it is about to install and then stops and states "Done. Nothing was installed"; and nothing is installed! The error in red I can see in a log window which appears is: "URL not found: C:Program (Access is denied)"; I have tried playing around with the privileges on that directory but nothing seems to work. Anyone know what's going on please? Unfortunately, my mother didn't put me to sleep with the lullaby "accept all, install!"

  40. Shaktivail Arunachalam Avatar

    When I try to create an AVD I fill out every box that he does but it won't let me hit "ok"… it is greyed out. I get the same result when I fill in all the boxes as well.

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